COVID-19 SF Bay Area lockdown

Thank you, actually staying in the building Belotti is in…Got their tagliatelle last night really good…stoked to try more

Try the Casoncelli.

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Good for them. Glad they’re navigating through this

Tacos Oscar (a bit of a walk, but well worth it)

It’s surprising to me how many people are opening restaurants during this weird situation.

Sad I never got to Mama Papa Lithuania.

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The problems with Instacart at a place like smart food service, which I have done 3 or 4 times is the quality of the shopper and the accuracy of the listings. I have had good experiences and very poor experiences.

Farmstead’s business model makes a lot more sense than Instacart’s.

ChowNow, which is apparently not screwing restaurants a la DoorDash (which assimilated Caviar) and GrubHub, has some good places.

Order online: ChowNow

Restaurant-oriented site:

Guess who fulfills Chownow delivery orders?

It’s DoorDash.

They say they have their own delivery system in some markets.

The restaurant gets customer info, unlike ordering through GrubDoor. I’m not sure what other differences there are.

We have not gotten take-out a lot in these times of Covid but the few times we have were disappointing. Places that were very reliable before Covid seem to be struggling keeping up their standards right now. Has anyone else noticed this or have I been just very unlucky or more critical than usual

Great China, Bowl’d, Ohgane, Standard Fare, Shooting Star, Lanesplitter, and Graffiti have all been solid for takeout / delivery for us.

Several readers emailed Nosh with concern about the giant “For Lease” signs affixed outside of Espresso Roma on the corner of College and Ashby avenues in Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood. Cafe owner David “Sandy” Boyd told Nosh over text message, “The reason is simple, the rent is $18,000 a month and the income is $300 a day. Do the math.” For now, Espresso Roma remains open, and Boyd said it will likely remain so until the landlord finds a new tenant.

Vaccine’s supposedly 90% as of today, so celebrated with our first meal out in a year. I figured Belden has its outdoor dining together. B44 had an abbreviated menu, fine, but no sherry, WTF? Otherwise up to its usual standard.