Cow Hollow - is there ANY PLACE that you'd recommend?

We’re going to be staying here - . Free parking has a lot to do with it. We’ll be out and about on Muni and by car. But is there any place around that’s better than decent? I’ve done a smidge of research and not found really anything. (Hard to believe that Perry’s is still around!!!) Our room has a full kitchen but I MIGHT cook breakfast a couple of times only. TIA.

b. patisserie

Oops, forgot to mention that ‘pastries’ aren’t really our thing…except croissants in Paris :slight_smile: The tartines sound super but the hours, 10-4, we’re likely going to be out gallivanting…and dim sum’ing . But thanks and I’m sure others will love the rec.

House of Prime Rib on Van Ness. Prime rib is always scrumptious and they pack takeaway orders fastidiously. They include ALL the tasty components of the in-house dining experience in separate containers, from the salad dressing to the Yorkshire pudding to bread n’ butter. The Small Cut would make a nice dinner for the two of you back on Lombard.

Swans Oyster Depot pro tip. You can skip the usual hour+ lineup, when doing take out order. Ease your way directly to the cashier (ignore hostile glares from suckers in line) to order your Seafood Louie, pickup food when ready. Unpack in room, uncork some Pinot Grigio or Prosecco, break some sourdough, enjoy.


You’re clearly my kind of traveler!!! Thanks.

It’s so insane. I moved to SF in '76 and lived about three blocks from HoPR but I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten there. When I told my husband about your post (we met in '86) he said it was great. Maybe that should be a dinner there. Thanks a lot for the rec and the memory :slight_smile:

Oh, and yes to Swan.


Baker Street Bistro used to be good and a great value. Haven’t been in years.

I’ve heard good things about Viva Goa.

Don’t overlook their sandwiches. Chicken salad and mushroom, both good.

This place was on Check Please last night - looked interesting.

This does look good. And not ridiculously priced. I saw avocado toast on some menu for something like $18!

Their sandwich place B on the Go is across the street and as Ipse notes has very good sandwiches. I had a nice Cubano last time I was there a year or so ago.

Atelier Crenn, Greens, State Bird Provisions…

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Oh yeah, Greens. Good food, reasonable prices, unbeatable view.

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I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never eaten at Greens. Had their (first?) cookbook for ages. Finally gave to our daughter who does a lot more vegetarian eating.

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, Rooster & Rice - while not Nong’s in Portland - does a decent khao man gai.

That sounds great! I had to LOL at The Marina one:

​The Marina
All breast, skinless, organic brown rice

That is SO Marina :slight_smile:

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hah! Admittedly, I haven’t tried their original Marina location (just SOMA and FiDi) or The Marina (I’m clearly not the target demographic for that one), but the quality was similar between the two so I’d imagine the Marina location would be similar.

Enjoy your time out here!

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