Cowboy Corn Pie in LA/OC?

Does anyone know where I can get this? It has cheese and jalapeño and corn.

And no, I do not want to make it.


That almost reminds me of the cornbread dish I see at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section. I forget what it’s called.


Is that photo from here?

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Yeah, it is from there. Any leads on where I can find this down South?

It isn’t corn bread, more like the texture of a gooey brownie with more rich egg flavor.

And FYI for future reference, Old Crow Smokehouse is a glorified nightclub bar with terrible bbq. Save fellow FTCers time and money. lol

Cornbread with cheese in can have a gooey, brownie-like texture, depends on the details of the recipe.

Gus’s bbq in South Pasadena used to have something similar (was pretty good too).

Oops sorry Gus’s creation is cornbread

Sounds like a variation on spoonbread with jalapeños and more cheese than usual. Finding spoonbread’s not too hard but that particular version sounds unusual.

Cowboy corn pie is the restaurant’s unique contribution to the California BBQ recipe book. It’s a Southwestern inspired jalapeño cornmeal pie with an extra thick layer of cheddar in the middle. A slice of it is much more moist than most corn bread, corn cakes, or tamale pie. It’s more like a savory corn pudding with lots of cheese. Delicious!

… a decadent cross between a soufflé and a pudding called cowboy corn pie.

Cowboy Pie . I’ve never had it . I’ll order it off a menu if I ever see it . And I want the t shirt.

That description is probably more accurate, it is like a savory spicy corn pudding. I really enjoy the San Luis BBQ version (and their tri tip) although I don’t get to San Luis Obispo often enough and want to enjoy it more often.

I know you don’t want to, but spoon bread is a very easy thing to cook.


Jeezus, thanks @attran99! I’ll see if I can get my hands on this, looks fairly similar.

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