Crazy Rich Chicken - The Deep, Pungent, Thick Chicken Broth at Kashiwa Ramen [Thoughts + Pics]



Thanks @Chowseeker1999
Venice Ramen does a very nice chicken ramen and homemade gyoza for those who are not OC - bound anytime soon.


I humbly agree that Venice Ramen’s is pretty good. But based on the depth of the color in photos @Chowseeker1999 took, this appears to have serious depth. Showing my wife the pix, her eyes did the ah-oooh-gah and immediately asked where.

“Costa Mesa. OC is gradually stepping it up in the food game - a lot of it is Asian.”
Frown. “When are we moving there?”
“Really? Really?”


Come on down! We’d love to have you!


Thanks for the reminder @CiaoBob. I’ll have to check out their Tori Paitan soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi @bulavinaka,

Thanks. Yah Kashiwa Ramen’s Tori Paitan was very surprising in its real depth of flavor. Consider giving it a try next time you’re in OC, along with a stop by Cream Pan for their delicious Nikuman, Cream Pan and other items. :slight_smile:

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@Chowseeker1999 Totto Ramen is one of the better ramen joints in NYC. I’ve noticed that NYC does a better job delivering a good bowl of ramen with non-Japanese staffed kitchen compared to LA. Better training and management?

Thanks @Sgee, good to know. I’ll have to try Totto Ramen next time I’m there. Perhaps it’s better training and management? I’d say Kashiwa is in the right direction here in that regard. So many that have pulled this stunt over here seem like they just didn’t train the replacement staff well, or implemented cost-cutting methods to keep it “simple / easier” for them to run it (e.g., make a bunch of Chashu once a week or so, and refrigerate / slice as needed throughout the week).


Looks like golden, chickeny goodness. Thanks for the shoutout @Chowseeker1999. I always have :crossed_fingers: they are going to come with “and it’s near your neighborhood!” But, alas…

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Hi @TheCookie,

Yah I wish this was closer to us up here in L.A. :slight_smile: But it’s a good place to keep in mind if you’re heading south to Newport, South Coast Plaza, driving through OC, etc. :wink:

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Enjoyed a couple of Chicken Tsukemen last night at Idaten in Shizuoka. She had shio (salt), I the shoyu (soy sauce).

Ramen served with a pour of some citrus juice/sauce. Really brightened up the rich broth. Totally complementary.

Noticed the locals finishing their bowls of broth with rice. When in Rome…

Sumimasen…pointing at picture of rice on menu.

Added rice had some lightly crunchy bits. A very satisfying light supper.