Crossposting etiquette

I’m starting to look through Hungry Onion a bit more. While FTC is a wonderful community, it IS very LA-centric, and as I’m up north, and not even in the direct SF area, HO seems to have a bit more traction for my area.

Not that I need to choose between them.

Is there a specific etiquette to crossposting a restaurant review on both boards? A mention up top that you’re doing so? a link to the other board’s version?

I know there’s a number of folks active in both places. Your collective wisdom/experience is appreciated.

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I only crosspost when I’m pretty sure most people won’t see my post twice, i.e. the user bases are very different. I’m not a fan of seeing the same stuff multiple times, but I’m also pretty surly, so…


Well, I know SOME people will see it twice, but there seem to be enough people on ONLY one board or the other that I think they outnumber the people who’d see it twice. And this is really only for reviews/reports where I’d essentially be writing the post once and directly copying/pasting. I also want to make sure folks know that yes, it’s the same guy posting the same thing, and it’s not a case of blatant plagiarism (which have seen more than once here. Not that I think my stuff is worth plagiarizing, but still…)


Don’t worry about it - just post it on both boards


I think it might be unavoidable, crossposting if you want your post to get the most eyeballs. I’m just not a huge fan of it.

Post in both places!

Try this online rephrasing tool:

Here is an example:

I wrote:

It puzzles me that people think this restaurant is good. The bread tastes like it comes from a bag, and the cheese is ordinary American factory cheese.

It output:

I find it strange that many consider this restaurant to be good. The cheese is standard American factory cheese, and the bread tastes like it came from a bag.

This is a good question. I haven’t posted on HO in a while (not very ambidextrous when it comes to social media), but I was a prolific poster on HOs home cooking threads during the lockdown. I would occasionally repost on FTC (and vice versa) if it was something we discussed here. I also posted questions on both boards when needing recs for places like SD or SF. If I receive recs on both boards then I do two reports. How do I repost? Copy, paste & tailor instead of linking one report.


Do whatever you want on this side.