CSA/ grocery shopping?


Those in east bay do you have a csa recommendation? We were doing Phat Beets for awhile but stopped a few months ago when our garden was nearly at subsistence level for a hot minute. I’ve also gotten one from Tacos El Precioso and Berkeley Bowl’s box. All had their strengths but I’m not enamored with any of them.

Also, what are your grocery getting tips/ favorites during SIP. I like the bowl’s pick up option, but wish their assortment was bigger. Good eggs is hit or miss, and $. We get a certain amount from Community Market on San Pablo Bc it has a decent selection and is relatively empty.

I subscribed to Full Belly’s CSA for years. Added Riverdog’s to have more produce during lockdown. We couldn’t keep up so I dropped Full Belly.

Star on Piedmont has good produce.

The Bowl has pickup? How do you order? We get Instacart from them all the time but it’s delivery only.

The bowl has an app! You can order pick up or delivery through it. I’ve had some minor hiccups but they were really sweet about it. We’ve only done pick up from West and love it for 85% of things.

Interesting. At least on my Android phone, search is broken.

Try downloading through the website…

The app’s the app, doesn’t matter which link you click.

I tried it on my iPad, the search works but a lot of things I buy from the Bowl regularly on Instacart are missing.

I’ve been a member of Urban Tilth’s CSA for years. I switched to them from Full Belly. They are on winter break right now, but they’ll pick up again on February 3rd. During COVID, I was getting weekly boxes delivered, but now that my garden is going again, I get boxes every other week.

Dirty Girl Farms has a few different types of produce boxes you can buy without a subscription, although you can purchase a subscription and get a 10% discount. They don’t deliver to your house, but they have multiple East Bay pick up locations. I’m thankful for the Kensington pick up spot at Benchmark Pizzaria.

Shao Shan Farm has a spring through summer CSA. Spots go fast, though. East Bay pick up spots are in Berkeley and Oakland.

Berkeley Bowl West contactless pickup works great. No fees, no tips. Park in the yellow zone, phone them, an employee brings it out. Limited selection, different from Instacart’s. Delivery also available (don’t know who handles that).

Web alternative to the buggy Android app: