Curry House, a beloved Japanese American chain, abruptly shuts down all its

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Hate it when big conglomerates buy out companies and end up closing them because they’re not profitable or wont make back the money fast enough.

so now, what are our options for Japanese curry?
Let’s start naming places that serve Japanese curry or places like Curry House that specialize in it

Tanakaya Soba Restaurant and Cream Pan in Tustin (same plaza) both serve it
Duck Restaurant in San Gabriel
Foo Foo Tei supposedly make their curry in house.

more suggestions would be great.


Fascinating info in the article (which I think had also been posted on the other thread?). I wonder if House Foods now owning Coco Ichibanya is why the curry tasted difference on my last visit (since it might’ve been 4 yrs since I had last tried it). I think that’s horrible that staff wasn’t given any advance notice. :angry:

BTW, the original “OG location” in Little Tokyo wasn’t next to the bookstore. The one near the bookstore was actually the 2nd location in the Weller Court, IIRC. The original location was on the 3rd floor.

Menya Musashi (mentioned by @JeetKuneBao on the other thread) has it as a side order. Totally decent.
Hurry Curry
Red Rock (I cannot for the life of me remember what I ate the one time I went there)

House Foods used to sell small boxes of curry in Japanese supermarkets (e.g., Nijiya). I haven’t checked recently, but I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t still be the case.


Curryfornia in Gardena. I really want to try them.




Had a soft spot in my heart for Curry House. Loved their salad dressing.


I never felt Curry House was particularly amazing for the food, but I did have some amazing memories there. The Japanese style pasta was great from what I remember. I loved the tofu cheesecake most of all things, and I’m sad I’ll never have it again.

For alternatives, Azuma in Gardena is the first one that comes to mind. Like all their rice dishes it’s textbook perfect. The curry here is classic with big chunks of carrot and pork, with more of a neutral flavor. Portions are comically large - you could share it between two people no problem.

Red Rock has a surprisingly great curry offering with katsu and omurice. The dark curry is bold with a much thicker texture. The katsu is a departure from the classic panko crust, but I enjoy it. Love the garlic rice inside the omelet. Tomato rice is also available as an option.

Sutadonya inside Mitsuwa Torrance is excellent, although I’m not sure if it made the move over to Del Amo with the rest of the market. The katsu is super crispy, and I like the extra drizzle of bulldog sauce. This curry is pretty heavy on stewed onions, and I believe you get bits of the namesake sutadon pork as well.


Which other thread? Not finding anything recent when searching for either the article or “Curry House”…

2 posts down, @js76wisco posted a Newsweek article that referenced the surprise closures.

Yes! I remember I hesitated to order it for awhile b/c it sounded so strange… But it was so delicious (although def not a NY-style cheesecake).

Totally agree w/ your opinion about Curry House (both food and fond memories), and thanks for all the recs!

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Midoh - Rowland Heights

Coco Ichibanya - multiple locations


The Japanese wagyu curry rice at Yazawa.

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Thanks! That really sucks for the staff; that kind of secret, middle-of-the-night abandonment shouldn’t be legal–if the movers were there at 6am gutting the places, then corporate most definitely planned to catch everyone by surprise and show callous disregard to employees. Not cool. I’d propose a boycott of the affiliated restaurant chains, but I would never would step foot inside any of them to begin with! :rofl:

I thought it was just okay. They have their weird A La Carte menu thing where they charge you separately for everything and the serving sizes no matter what size you order is always smaller than you imagine, especially for the price.


In addition to the restaurants mentioned here (My favorite remains Foo Foo Tei) as well as some Korean places like Tokyo Hamburg and Wako. I really love the Ready to go Curry Tokyo Central on Artesia sells. It has a porkiness to it that is unique to so many others. But my regular go to currently is Kagura at Tokyo Central. Not as good as the Kagura restaurant… but does really good lunch option for me since Azabu Sabo in Culver City has gone to mostly industrial cooking. Well worth the ride down there.


noo! I loved their tofu katsu curry. :frowning:

Back when I worked on Cotner before Sawtelle really blew up, Curry House was a weekly stop.

Abruptly shutting down without letting the employees know it was even a possibility is a real scumbag move. Disgraceful.


The Torrance Kagura has an excellent Katsu curry.


What shitty way to treat employees.