Curryfornia Replaces Doya Doya in Torrance

Doya Doya, the okonomiyaki specialist, has closed and has been replaced by Curryfornia, a Japanese curry restaurant.

I haven’t tried it yet but am curious if anyone else has checked it out? Looking at the Yelp photos, some of the options that come with the curry, like the karaage and the shrimp tempura, definitely look frozen from a box. To be fair, that’s not the end of the world if you’re coming here for the curry.

Any field reports would be greatly appreciated!

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Okay, with the loss of Gaja and now Doya Doya… where’s the okonomiyaki in SoCal?

The mediocre ones from Go Squared in the Torrance Mitsuwa’s food court. :frowning:

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Chinchikurin on Sawtelle in West LA is a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki specialist.

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I occasionally see okonomiyaki being cooked outside the Nijiya across the street on Sawtelle (from Chinchikurin). I’ve never tried it, though.

Really sad we lost 2 specialists.

Likewise. I’m not in the mindset to have okonomiyaki there.

Thanks, @Ted for the news. My brother was a frequent patron…he’s going to be sad. But there’s always Sawtelle.

Your brother might still be forlorn after trying Chinchikurin - totally different style. The Doya Doya version was Kansai/Osaka-style, and quite a good one. I miss Doya Doya - and my roots are from Hiroshima.