Curses! Xiang Yuan Gourmet Suspends Dim Sum Service Again

Don’t know if this was instigated by the dim sum chefs or management this time, though as good and inventive as the dim sum was they never attracted much of a following. Guess it’s back up to SF for crispy baked bbq pork buns.

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That’s a shame! I agree that the dim sum was different than your usual suspects and even the usual dishes were good. I liked that there wasn’t a crazy brunch crowd like the other places.

Wait these guys had Dutch Crunch pork buns?

Xiang Yuan Gourmet had a matcha green tea topped crispy bbq pork bun, much better than that at Sea Harbour or China Red (or occasionally Lunasia).

Dang, how did I miss that?

I went to Xiang Yuan Gourmet or (XYgourmet on their email) last Sunday to see if they are still serving dim sum or special lunch, both of which I enjoyed. I arrived at 12:30pm, the restaurant was completely empty. I asked to see the lunch menu but was told that they do not have a lunch menu but only have the same menu for lunch and dinner. I decided against lunch at XYgourmet.