Da Yu Hot Pot - Chinatown

Good fancy hotpot joint. Nice decor, packed as hell! Think this will be my go-to-spot until HaiDiLao opens an outlet in Manhattan.

81 Bowery

P.S killer spicy seaweed appetizer at the sauce bar

Disclaimer: this is the only hotpot joint I’ve dined at so far in NYC

LOL we just went on Sat night too! Thought it was great and I’ve been to 99, hometown, little sheep and xiang. Definitely best quality however it is also the most expensive as well. We got the wagyu cubes which were a treat but the kurobuta pork and the lamb/beef combo was really great too.

We had a res for 8pm but ended up waiting for 30 min before we were seated - hopefully they can do something about the crazy packed waiting room and respecting reservation times! That was not fun.

I got the pepper tripe and chicken soup and it was great! Husband got the butter and spicy oil which i see you got as well - was delicious too but a bit overwhelming; i think i prefer non spicy broth esp for cooking the veg.

Perhaps the mild butter and spice one would be good…

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Nice! I was there last night and waited for almost 1.5hrs :tired_face: by the freezing entrance. It was quite pricey (I probably ordered too much) but quality of ingredients was very good.

Yeah the spicy stuff creeps up on you… paying for it today. Glad to hear I’m not the only who enjoyed the food.

1.5 hrs omg! Did you go without reservation? Oops today is sat. LOL i meant Fri night so i think we were there at the same time!

Yeah, I’m terrible at planning ahead :pensive:

Damn that’s a rough wait. I hope they find a way to work out the wait times, that’s crazy. The waiting room was hella packed too.
For manhattan hotpot I like hometown the best for AYCE, but obvs the quality is way lower than dayu. Little sheep is a nice non AYCE hotpot joint, good quality and about half the price of dayu!

If you like drypot (i LOVE drypot) manting is a great spot in midtown. Cheaper than mala project and just as good imo, no frills though.

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I’ll have to check out Manting, I’ve never tried dry hotpot before. Thanks for the tip on the other two hotpot joints

@jntcho I know you venture to Flushing, a friend highly recommended Chongqing Lao Zao for hotpot. Looks promising from the pics.

Oh wow Chongqing Lao Zao looks great! Definitely going on the list, thanks!

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