DAMA - new Fashion District restaurant focusing on "latin" cuisine


Recently checked out the new latin-inspired restaurant Dama, which is located in the Fashion District next to Rossoblu. Knowing nothing about the chef or the food, I went in with no expectations. Was pleasantly surprised!

Menu available in article here:

Setting: Beautiful space as you can see from the pictures in the Eater article. We arrived around 6:45pm and were seated on the patio in a wonderfully comfy booth. Large umbrellas gave us good shade while we enjoyed the courtyard between Dama and Rossoblu.

Food: I enjoyed the food here. I wouldn’t say anything is ground breaking, but it’s solid food that made us leave happy. As you can see, there were some slight issues with some of the dishes. Service was also pretty good already. Sorry for the poor pics, as some of the dishes came to me last after passing them around.

Wine Service:
We stuck to cocktails for most of the meal, only ordering some white wine by the glass towards then end, and then finishing with a bottle of garnacha. The somm was helpful in finding us a reasonably priced bottle and the service itself was very good (Schott Zwiesel stems, perfect serving temp, a good middle ground of formality). I like that LA restaurants are now paying more attention to wine service, as I believe it to be as important as the food.

Bar / lounge: Othón and Ashley (formerly of Everson Royce Bar) are now working over at Dama. Some of the most hospitable bartenders I’ve encountered in this city! We stayed for after-dinner drinks…with the dark wood and the music, it’s a pretty sexy vibe for those who like “going out”. I would not say this place turns into a club-steraunt after 10pm, but does get more lively for sure. We enjoyed it, but your YMMV. Drinks themselves have a tropical or latin bent on them, and are quite diverse from refreshing to booze forward. Not quite up to Apotheke levels, but we enjoyed the 6-7 different cocktails we tried. Plus they have frozen drinks for the daytime heat.

Conclusion: So what do we have here? A welcome addition to DTLA. While I don’t think the food is going to set the FTC-world on fire, it’s mostly good, with some tasty bites. Will be interesting to see where the food execution goes from here. The patio atmosphere is pretty awesome and drinks are reasonably priced. Most importantly, our group of 5 had a fabulous time and it almost felt like a little vacation. Total bill was $75pp for the dishes above and plenty of drink. Get a reservation during the sunset if you can.

612 E 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 741-0612


Thanks for the report @DTLAeater. I was wondering why it sounded familiar; it’s from the Scopa Italian Roots team. We’ve always found Scopa to be fine for the neighborhood, but not a destination place. Interesting they’re switching from Italian to taking on Mexican food.


Yes, like Scopa, they were definitely going for restaurant with a bar scene concept once again. For me, that makes this a good alternative to ERB for a one-stop DTLA outing. Eat while you drink sort of thing.


I want this… i want all of this


Gave most of the menu a taste, albeit we snuck our order in around 9:50 pm (10 min before kitchen closing). With that in mind, none of the entrees were particularly remarkable. Pork was almost there but was overcooked and underseasoned.

I’m definitely inclined to give it and the fish another whirl at a more reasonable hour.

Agree the clams and chorizo are a definite pass in the future.

I did enjoy the bone marrow, the white beans, and the bocadillo. Given it’s downtown, a $4 taco should blow your tastbuds off, and sadly, this is not the case.

But, you can eat squash blossoms with farmer’s cheese like chicken tenders … so there’s that.

And the churros and ice cream sunday were delightful.

Great vibe. I’m definitely going to give it a second try.