Damn you Cling Wrap. . .and other kitchen related pain in the butt stuff

The title says it all. . .we’ve all been there.

Loved to hear your pain in the ass kitchen/food/drink related items… .that drives you nuts.


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Have you tried the Costco/Kirkland brand? Works great almost every time.

I recently bought the WF 365 brand parchment paper. It doesn’t have a ‘cutter’ so is a royal pain. I got the Costco one which works great and use the other for wrapping leftover pizza.

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Same here. Kirkland’s plastic wrap is the old-fashioned kind that doesn’t particularly want to stick to itself.

I have a supermarket-sized roll of the new-fashioned sticky stuff for some particular purpose I can’t remember.

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You can use the edge of the box to tear it - stick the flap inside first.

I don’t have much problem with saran wrap, but I am incapable of telling parchment from wax paper on the first try. I waste a lot of wax paper as a result.

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Look at the words on the box?

You’d think I would get into that habit, but no. I grab a box, tear off a sheet and line a pan with it. Then I realize it’s wax paper. Mind you, I don’t even really need to look at the words. The parchment paper box is a good 4" longer than the wax paper box.

This issue has come up before and I’ve never understood it. To me eye, they look nothing alike. I was going to take a picture of the two and then remembered that I no longer use wax paper. Anything it could do, so can parchment so I eliminated from my pantry.

I use wax paper to wrap cheese. They don’t look alike, but they do sort of feel the same.

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And I use parchment paper to wrap cheese :slight_smile:

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