David Chang coming to LA

David Chan, I mean David Chang is coming to LA

Sounds like he is doing something unique for LA, not bringing a Momofuku restaurant. Look forward to trying it.

took him a while


No paywall here: David Chang’s Momofuku Empire Will Open a Los Angeles Restaurant in Late 2017 - Eater LA

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Just to give some more commentary on the piece based on my conversation with Chang, he’s really excited to be here, but he’s also pretty apprehensive considering how good LA’s dining scene is right now. I think he’s gonna really give this place a lot of attention.


Is he really “chomping” at the bit?

I heart you

I’m looking forward to seeing if he fails or succeeds. I’m actually rooting for him to do well.

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I’d usually let that pass, but if you put something behind a paywall, you should use some of that money to hire copy editors.

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