December 2021 Rundown

Let’s end the year right!

House Special Lanzhou-style Clear Broth Beef and Beef Tendon Knife-Cut Wide Noodle Soup (extra tendon, bok choy, egg), with a side of boiled pork & cabbage dumplings, from Northern Cafe (Monterey Park)…


We should go to 1919 or LAN noodle, way better IMO.


Been to LAN. I still like Northern Cafe MP better.

Let’s do 1919, for sure.

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Extra side of tendons like a boss! I need to try that btw. I got the big plate of chicken which is okay for my tastebuds I am not the biggest fan of heavy cumin.

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sushi yoshizumi

huge :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

review forthcoming


Akira-san brings it. Every single night.

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Never in a million years did I think a taco stand like this would be 10 mins from my house in Yorba Linda.

Tacos El Chivo on the corner of Lakeview and basically the 91 in the hospital parking lot. Sorry for the dark pics. $2 tacos. $4 vampiro. $7 multitas. $8 burritos and quesadillas. Chicken, asada, chorizo, al pastor and cabeza for meat choices.

Huge al pastor spit and char grilled pastor and chicken. You can see the smoke billowing from blocks away.

They have a lot of salsas and free extra like jalapeños and pickled veg.

Did I mention the home made tortillas pressed to order?

The tacos were all excellent. My favorite was the cabeza with all the great crunchy and cartilage like pieces. So good. Line of about 25 people at 5:45 when I arrived which ballooned to 40 when I left at 6:15.


Dude, I so wish that taco stand was there when I worked at Kaiser in the last millennium LOL…


Side note: where do you eat in Yorba Linda? My in-laws live there, and whenever I’m down there, we struggle!

Any place doing good truffle dinner or truffle dishes?

Here you go…


That is pretty damn cool for North OC. The location kinda makes sense with lots of breweries near by. Bring a bunch of tacos and quesadillas to enjoy with your beer.


what’s that?

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Here you go!

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God damn it white Alaba truffles have gotten way too expensive. A proper serving, assuming the truffle’s as fresh as it should be, is to me at least seven grams.

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Black seasalt and real milk flavored soft serve at Overflo at The Source in Buena Park. They called it black and white flavor. Really enjoyed the texture and mouthfeel of the soft serve. I generally hate milk flavored ice cream because it usually tastes like milk but this was a more subtle more vanilla leaning ice cream. I enjoyed this cup of soft serve even though it was kinda cold today.


Happy Holidays to me!


Some recent meals in Long Beach.

White pie with pepperoni added at Little Coyote’s second location:

Chamorro de borrego en adobo (with consomé) and costillas de puerco con nopales at Tepechi Restaurant:

Half chicken with double mac at Gus’s Fried Chicken:

Beef & meatball noodle soup, cha quai, pork bone broth, and student noodles with beef at Phnom Penh Noodle Shack:

Nixtamal Queen & cacao topped concha at Gusto Bread:


I’ve never seen that in the states. Great dish.

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Is chamorro a regional name for lamb shank in Mexico? Because I’ve only seen it used at this restaurant. I tried googling but couldn’t really find much info.