The discussion of chicken salt in the Majordomo topic made me curious about dehydrators.

Looks like I could get a decent one (with timer and temperature control) for $70.

It’s kind of annoying to me that our ridiculously expensive Wolf oven can’t be set to dehydrating-range temperatures.

I don’t know anything about Wolf ranges. Is there not a convection feature? My $1600 Samsung convection/induction is looking better and better :slight_smile:

Have you tried propping a wooden spoon in the door to see if the overall temp drops to dehydrator range? I can usually get my oven down to about 140f that way.

I got 9 tray Excalibur dehydrater with time and temp on Craigslist for about $100. Barely used. It’s one of those kitchen appliances that is often gets resold because of the space it takes up and how little it’s actually used. We love it and use it all the time. If u have space, Definitely recommend getting the larger size.


I’m curious what you use it for “all the time”? Not being argumentative, seriously curious. Thanks.

Nice tip. There are several of those currently listed cheap near me on Craigslist.

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Fruit roll ups for the tots, beef jerky, yogurt, proofing bread, making powders (beetroot, purple potato, basically any greens from garden), crackers… it’s not daily , but But when we do use it we do you hydrate a lot at a time. Don’t recommend doing it indoors, but one time I marinated scallops soy sauce and made my own dried scallops for xo sauce.


Thanks. One of our daughters used one some years ago when she and her husband were heading out on a six week backpacking and climbing trip in the central Sierra Nevada. So I tended to think of it in that context.

My cousin Lucinda is making seed crackers with her dehydrator.

Dehydrated yogurt? Or using it to make yogurt?

to make yogurt…use to do it with a sous vide, but the dehydrater is easier.

What year was your wolf made? I thought all of them after 2004 had dehydration mode? Was thinking about using mine this wkend for some jerky.

Made, I don’t know. Bought it in 2010. How do you set dehydration mode?

How do you do that? The trays seem too shallow.