DeSano Pizza Bakery - Pop-Up with Italian Pizzaiolo Attilio Bachetti

It’s flaccid in the center, as neapolitan pies should be. Not soupy like Sotto, but soft. Can still pick up by hand if you fold it. I didn’t have to use fork and knife.

If you want crispy crust throughout, look elsewhere.

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Hi @TriTip,

Great descriptions! Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

We were eyeing the cannolo but just didn’t have enough people that night.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

As @tailbacku mentioned it’s like a good Neapolitan crust, soft in the center but not soggy like Sotto. I was able to hold a slice by hand, and it held up just fine.

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Blah blah blah, got to DeSano’s register at 7:25 PM only to be told that the pizzaiolo had run out of crust. After a 60+ mile drive we were pretty disappointed and ordered from the regular menu. We have been going here since they first opened and this was the only time we’ve seen the place packed with customers, glad to see them raking in the dough. Sorry… We did see the chef still working, hand shaping crusts. Maybe he was just helping out with the regular DeSano pizzas?
Side note, drove to Salt & Straw on Larchmont Blvd. only to find the line so long, and I mean LOOOONG as in more than a couple dozen folks in line. It’s good but not that good. I usually don’t mind waiting in lines but we bailed cause this one seemed to not be moving at all.

Salt & Straw on Ventura is just as bad, 20-30 deep until closing.

Glad I didn’t know about that location, probably would have stopped there and had a triple strike out for the evening We’ve been to both the Larchmont and Abbot Kinney locations of Salt & Straw with only a short wait, only 5 to 10 customers ahead of us.

We tried to go to the Abbot Kinney location Saturday night after dinner at Scopa and the line was easily 40 people long. We wanted to try it, but were not about to stand in that line!

When I go I just always get a pint and skip the line. A few people can share it for $10.

Hi @sel,

Bummer! I heard from the staff on the first night, they ran out of crust, but Chef Bachetti and staff immediately went to make more. However for the dough to proof, etc., took at least an hour or so, and she said if customers didn’t mind waiting for that, they were taking orders after the next batch of dough was ready.

Or like you said, maybe he was just helping DeSano make their own dough for customers.

Well, based on this thread I grabbed the only remaining res at Sotto for 10pm Sunday. Hopefully they don’t run out by then (they are doing reservations rather than first come first serve like Desano’s).

Hi @Haeldaur,

Nice! Definitely call before you leave the house to confirm they have enough dough, and that you were there for Chef Bachetti’s pies and not for Sotto’s regular menu, LOL.

With reservations like that it should be easier figure out how much dough he needs to make. Just a guess but it sounds like no one at DeSano expected the big crowds and then had to deal with it on the fly…

Hello @Chowseeker1999 ,
If the cashier had given us the option to wait until more dough was ready, we would’ve done so, really wanted to try Chef Bachetti’s offerings!

Nice! My cursor hovered over that 10pm slot as well, but then I got stage fright and jumped into the ocean. Glad it went to another FTC’r. Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for this report. As soon as I got the email from Sotto that he was going to be there this Sunday, I booked an (thankfully) earlier reservation, and requested the counter.

Now, assuming he’s making the same pies, I have a better idea of what to get. Though, TBH, I may just order all available and truly glutton out, Life of Brian style.


Yo @Haeldaur & @a213b,

How was the pizza night at Sotto?

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Yeah, I’m hungry for vicarious pizza!


Sorry for the long delay, but as promised, here’s the (short) report:

  1. The menus:

Cocktails, which I always enjoy at Sotto. This time had the Dusk til Dawn and Dream within a Dream

Normal menu

Specialty Pizza Menu

We ended up ordering two “starters” (Charred Broccolini and the Casarecce), as well as two pizzas (Carnevale and Fiore):





Everything was fantastic, but to be perfectly frank, this meal only reminded me how great Sotto is. I could’ve eaten BOWLS of that casarecce, and the broccolini was incredible.

The pizza was good; I’d even dare to say pretty/very good, but when we left it was the first two I wanted more of, if that makes sense. Much more “craveable”.


I might be late to this, but went to Desano for the first time in a while yesterday and they are still serving the Carnevale “for a limited time”.


Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I’m guessing Chef Bachetti was teaching them his signature pie while he was here last month?