Di Fara's - still worth it?

Thought Roberta’s was boring. I ate there several times after being on talk shows on the Heritage Radio Network. I don’t understand the raves. Sure, there must be some great things, but I seem not to have eaten any of those.

Personally, if I was going to make the trek out to that part of Brooklyn, I’d just as soon get a reservation and go to Blanca. And save the Roberta’s for the frozen food section at Whole Foods.

Fair enough, @JMF and @ipsedixit.

My brother lives right around the corner, so the trek wasn’t out of the way, but that aside, I thought the pizza was great when I visited last month. I may have felt differently if we had waited for 30-60min for a table, but instead, we opted to order at the To Go counter next door, which took a fraction of the time, and sat outside and ate with a beer.

We had the Margherita and Bee Sting (which I believe is off menu).

lol… wow


I hear the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance has some closet pizzaiolos ready to shed their ties and get behind the oven.
I’m sure they’ll get this worked out

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Grimaldi’s in Chelsea shutters every 6 months for this reason…

And they’re back

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A Cult Favorite Brooklyn Pizzeria Has Been Seized by the State

Di Fara Pizza was shut down earlier today over a failure to pay taxes.

Famed Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara is back open for business

The dough is flying again at Di Fara. The iconic Brooklyn pizza joint reopened Thursday — after owners of the legendary, 54-year-old eatery said they worked out a payment plan to settle an unpaid $…

I :heart: NY

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