Dim Sum Disruptor? Golden Pouch in Koreatown

The catch phrase in business today is “disruptor” which refers to businesses that come up with entirely new ways of doing old things. And while certainly not a disruptor on the magnitude of a Uber, Golden Pouch is innovative enough to be thrown at least modestly in this category. Golden Pouch is a dim sum takeout stand with limited outdoor table seating, not unlike Dim Sum Express in Monterey Park. But there the similarity ends. The order “window” is an iPad. There is indoor seating in the form of an Airstream trailer parked next door to the takeout stand. And while the menu has traditional items such as xialolongbao, red bean buns and pork with shrimp siu mai, most of the menu is stuff nobody’s seen before. The Beijing beef steamed bao is a steamed bun with a beef ball inside. The spicy chicken cheese steamed bao has spicy Korean chicken filling, but would pass for how a Sichuan style restaurant would make a spicy chicken bao if you asked it to. Other items on the menu include kim chee siu mai, Bulgogi XLB, japchae spring rolls and Bulgogi sriracha spring rolls. Golden Pouch is at 3324 W. Sixth St.


Thanks for the info @chandavkl. :slight_smile: We drove by this place recently as well and it looked like it might be a wanna hipster joint or something, LOL.

Did you get to try much of the menu? How was it?

Just tried the beef and chicken baos. They were OK and the dough was actually quite good. Pricey at $8.99 for an order of 4 baos although they’re fairly large. Definitely at least part hipster, with a mixed operating crew.

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I don’t think it’s a wannabe…

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Thanks @Ns1. Oh yah, we didn’t write it off completely. We were already on the way to dinner, but the setup led us to think it was either a new trying to trendset wannabe, or maybe something legit, but different. We were waiting for someone to post their feedback on the place first before trying. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I wasn’t sure if he meant “I don’t think it’s a wannabe… It is hipster” or “I don’t think it’s a wannabe… Period” :thinking:.

Either way… Nice find @chandavkl. Thanks!

Eh, I live near this place and have tried almost all of the menu. I think their quality is very lacking, with lots of gristly bits in the cheesy spicy chicken bao. The Beijing beef bao is good, but not amazing, and is expensive to boot.

The sriracha bulgogi spring roll is the only item I really like and would come back for more, and while the shrimp spring roll is adequate, the japchae spring roll is just gross.

The XLBs are very doughy, and they range from under-cooked to torn and losing their juice before served. Consistency is not the strong suit here.

All of the above said, the owners (who haven’t been on-site since the Grand Opening week) seem receptive to some feedback, as I noticed they now include combo options of multiple types of spring rolls or shaomai, which is good for people who want to try several things, as order sizes are large.

Go ahead and give it a try if you’d like, but I wouldn’t come here if it weren’t 1) open late and 2) one block away from me.

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[quote=“strongoxman, post:7, topic:4116”]
with lots of gristly bits
[/quote]I hate grisly bits. Some people (my husband) like them and think they’re a street food necessity. Call me prissy… But if I get one bite of gristle I’m done.

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I don’t like them either, but I have a very, very low tolerance if it’s “street food,” but in a single bao I had several. Considering that Golden Pouch has a giant LED screen cycling through marketing images that touts their “premium meats,” my tolerance is nil. The only thing “premium” about their meat is the prices they charge you.


This is also in my hood (walking distance) and I’m w/ @strongoxman: underwhelmed. I’ll probably give it another shot in a couple months.

Dumpling House up the street is better, albeit more “traditional.”

Plunking down an airstream as a dining room is basically planting a hipster flag.



Koreans making poor representations of Chinese food? What else is new?

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Well, it lasted about 2 years longer than I thought it would, although they kept changing their menu every 6-8 weeks in the meantime, but Golden Pouch is officially CLOSED, with a Korean spicy chicken patty sandwich place slated to open in the coming weeks.

Snooze. Can’t imagine this doing particularly well, to be honest, but there will be a new social media hype machine I’m sure from the backers of Quarters:

It was Koreans trying to do “dimsum”, personally not a fan of Koreanized Chinese food and apparently most people in the neighborhood agreed.

Ham Ji Park’s glorious ribs are like right there. There was absolutely no reason to hit that Golden Pouch.

When they first opened, quality was decent and some of the offerings were interesting. After 2-3 weeks, the regular crew took over, and service and quality went to shit. Don’t advertise “premium meats” when I find gristle, cartilage and bone fragments mixed into the bao fillings. Don’t serve me greasy, old, not-fully-cooked-inside siu mai. Don’t give me a teaspoon of vinegar to go with 6 bulgogi spring rolls. And don’t charge me $10 for this shit, either!

If you want Chinesey-Koreany food than head to 3rd Street for Dumpling House. Those kimchi dumplings are freakin good.

How’s their JJM?

They should flip it into a Mexican eatery