Dim Sum In Chino Hills

Just as was predicted a few years ago on the predecessor board that someday we’d fondly look back at the days when we only had to drive to the West SGV to get the best Chinese food, Chino Hills has upped the ante with the opening of Taste of China. Not to say Taste of China is in the same league as the Sea Harbours of the world, but it’s probably better than half the dim sum places in the SGV, with dim sum off the menu and some interesting and innovative items. For example, here’s the fried har gow with garlic.

Then there’s the egg yolk yam bun (there’s also a pineapple top version, too)

And everybody loves piggy buns filled with bean paste

The special items were all good, while the traditional items were more hit and miss. Baked BBQ pork bun wasn’t good, but the BBQ pork pastry was. A very large dining room had very few customers at lunchtime, so here’s hoping they make up for it on weekends. Oh, and dinner is a combination of Hong Kong and Sichuan style food, making this possibly the first combo dim sum/Sichuan restaurant around. I think I’m spotting a trend.


Wow! That fried har gow looks delicious!

Some of the NBC staff is here from what I am told.

My Twitter link to this thread produced a very interesting vignette for the world to see. Where’s the moderator? (Oh, he is the moderator.)