Dim Sum in NYC?

Manhattan’s chinatown reminds me of DTLA’s…serious downhill slide over the years. Where does one go for dim sum these days… Flushing? Any recs?

I suppose the lazy answer would be Tim Ho Wan.

For me, at least in Manhattan, it’s usually Hakassan.

I rarely ever make it to the outer Boroughs.

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Seriously @ipsedixit @PorkyBelly???

Didn’t enjoy Hakkasan BH - ripoff gwailo joint. Hesitant to try another branch.

Seriously, stick to the steamed dim sum and the pipa duck.

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No, actually we are all Improv rejects here.

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Ok, will check it out.

My dim sum experience in Manhattan is pretty limited.

I don’t usually have dim sum in Manhattan unless it’s at someone else’s request. And I would almost never opt for dim sum on my own accord as I’m just not that big of a fan.

And how is the NYC location? I had no idea it had turned into an international thing until reading this post (with a location to open in Waikiki shortly). I’m not the biggest dim sum fan, but do like it from time to time, and my food at the original Tim Ho Wan several years ago (when I believe there were two locations) was very very good.

We usually have dim sum in Flushing but we’ve been eating it at Delight 28 on Pell Street for about ten years and like it a lot. Hate to ‘yelp’ you but here are some pix. It’s across and down the street from Joe’s Shanghai.

Curioser and curiouser.

What if each piece was served individually, on a large beautiful plate, say, 10 to 12 plates’ worth (with a couple of “off menu” extras to start) over a span of 3+ hours, and the cost was $300* pp? Would you like it then?

*wine pairing additional.

I ADORE dim sum but the way you describe it sounds awful…to me. Again to me, dim sum is a ‘busy’ meal with lots of hustle and bustle (whether carts or not). I want to see old Chinese men reading their newspapers. And since we usually have it for breakfast (9ish) we have tea. If for lunch, we’ll have a beer. Wine? No.

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It was a joke.

How would one know?

He’s probably been dragged kicking and screaming on weekend mornings through the fancy joints in HK… :smile:

My brother and I tried it several months ago and liked it a lot. Some items were a bit salty, but overall, it was really dim sum done right.

Who has the Flushing intel though? Need a dope one