Dim Sum Mutiny Apparently Over At Xiang Yuan Gourmet in Temple City

When Xiang Yuan Gourmet opened last summer I commented that it might we be the best dim sum restaurant to open in the Los Angeles area in a decade. (Of course Longo Seafood has since trumped that.) So it was sad to hear a few weeks ago that Xiang Yuan Gourmet stopped their dim sum service in a spat with the dim sum chefs. However, dim sum has returned to Xiang Yuan Gourmet and things are looking good again. I don’t know if it’s the same dim sum crew there now. I did notice that the crew in front of the restaurant was totally different, so who knows who’s in charge, but the dim sum menu was similar, but not identical to the old one. Had four “progressive” dim sum items, the crispy shrimp rolls, as good as ever, the salty egg yolk bun (quite reminiscent of the old carrot bamboo paste bun), the excellent shrimp paste/cruller cheung fun, and the almond and walnut cream bum. Don’t know if the taro buns are the same porcupine creatures or not–maybe somebody else can check on that.

So glad to hear this. I liked it as much if not more than Longo. And it’s miles better than Lunasia, imho. Can’t wait to go back.

“Dim Sum Mutiny” sounds like a great name for a band.


At the end of each performance, they take a bao.


Hardee har har. Gow.