DineLA July 2017 -- Link and Comments

Kudos to Chinois on Main! They are a longterm participant, and I can attest to their quality and value, especially at lunch.

Boo to Fogo de Chao! I used to love to get their lunch, which was a classy, satisfying bargain. The dinner, not so much.

?? to Emporium Thai. For years they offered $15 lunch including their deep-fried morning glory salad as one course. I didn’t see them on the list.


Maybe link this to the thread about B-day dinner on a budget?

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Nah, because it is a month away and I prefer the DineLA lunches.

Fishing with Dynamite looks like a good deal for lunch

I’m going back to Craft again. To me, it’s the only dineLA experience that genuinely feels worth it. And kind of excited that they have quail on the menu. And also reminiscing about @chrishei and those brilliant cost breakdowns back on Chowhound! Which probably entailed a ton of work and effort.


Charcoal is still a good deal


Hanjip, or How to Feed a Fifteen-Year Old Basketball Player While Staying on Budget:

Hanjip Dine LA Lunch

I ate some grilled “miso” squid (no marinade or miso). He ate pork belly, spicy chicken (no marinade or spice), short ribs, and the entire banchan dish of dried squid.

I haven’t been here since it became AYCE. It wasn’t that great. Seriously lacking in any fresh banchan, e.g., bean sprouts, cucumbers, or anything vegetal at all . Kimchee was okay, kimchee fried rice had no kimchee or kimchee flavor, just a bit sour. It was fine, and for $15 for piles of protein near my house, I’m kinda grateful.

Edit to add: They are happy to provide 1/2 portions, which we did with the squid and pork. I like that they provided that option.

This is one that I think I’m finally going to try.

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Hi @Bookwich,

Thanks for the report and warning. :frowning: I had heard from one other source that Hanjip was downhill after turning into AYCE as well. Good to know.