DineLA Summer 2018

So I’m unsure how restaurant week menus go over with FTCers but many restaurants have thrown up their menus for DineLA Summer 2018, which runs from July 13 - July 27. The list is here.

Anyone see any particularly good menus? I myself have been meaning to give The Hearth and Hound a shot and that prix fixe menu seems like a nice tour of things.

Also if anyone has good or bad experiences with past DineLA menus, please share! :slight_smile:

If you dine at The Hearth and Hound you are supporting the chef/owner April Bloomfield. Many women who were sexually assaulted by her business partner, Ken Friedman, said that they told Bloomfield only to be told by her if they wanted to work at The Spotted Pig they must put up with his assaults.


That Morton’s lunch deal is actually pretty good for $25, considering that slice of key lime pie alone is $9.


I mean $25 for that, or $20 for this…

This might be a dumb question, but is that ribeye as part of the DineLA lunch meal prime grade? If so, this is a FANTASTIC deal.

Haven’t been yet, but looks like a decent discount at Sushi Bar, $95 for the omakase as opposed to $110-125?

I had the DineLA at DTLA Morton’s last winter. I’m no meat expert by any means, but the steak was was
certainly good, my friend enjoyed it very much. I had some sort of fish and the bisque, both of which were nice. The chopped salad and mushrooms we ordered on the side were great. It’s an excellent deal.

I don’t think a steakhouse restaurant group would want to lower their standards for DineLA, it would deter people from ever returning if they received low-grade meat.

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Not sure how this news flew over my head. Definitely noted.