Dinner at Alex Madonna's Steakhouse

Husband has always had a hankering to stay at the Madonna Inn. The conference he had in San Fran seemed an opportunity to try, since we usually travel with our dogs when heading north, but not this time. So we booked the room Barrel of Fun.

The hotel has a restaurant, the Steakhouse, on the property. The Yelp reviews were very mixed, but we weren’t going to get back into the car and drive somewhere, so we reserved there.

Our waiter disappeared after he came by once, but the rest of the staff picked up the slack. So overall, happy with service.

We tried cocktails. They were good!

The place is very pink!

We both got prime ribs, medium rare, veggies only, and truffle potatoes. The steaks were delicious. The truffle potatoes were incredible!

They also had live music, jazz, with some folks dancing. Made the evening a little more memorable, a little more enjoyable.