Dinner at Bulgarini

Called Leo a few days before to let him know I’ll be coming for dinner. Reservations are not required but there is limited seating and a Bulgarini dinner experience is not a quick eat and jet. To be honest Leo over the phone was very different from Leo who fed me the best Italian meal in my life. So I was slightly taken back by how warm and friendly he was and the whole experience.

Sea salt, rosemary, and olive oil. Good God that crust! Then the soft interior. So this is how focaccia should be!! No chewy sore jaw here.

Buffalo Mozzarella.
Soft like a buratta. Melts in your mouth. I think this was made pretty recent.

Serrano Ham.
Salty and fatty. Cured Perfection.

Tuscan Soup.
I have no idea what is in here, but very soulful and comforting.

I have to say, not a bad way to start this meal!!!

Wild Boar with Papredelle.
Braised to perfection. Absolutely perfect chew on the noodles. It is marinated first then cooked for hours.

Get the hell out of here! This might be one of my favorite pasta dish of all time. San Marzano tomatoes and garlic!!! The sauce holds onto the pasta like a meat sauce. The consistency is like a meat sauce. Perfection. Everything. Balanced.

Gnocchi with Pesto.
Wow. Just melts in your mouth. Close your eyes when you eat this and savor the taste and texture. Man!!

Short Rib.


A sample of the Nut gelatos. All of them are amazing.
The Sicilian Pistachio though, I wanted to cry.

Then Leo has us sample Gelato and Granitas with wine and sour beer. That blew my mind!!! Leo does make wines btw!!!

It’s not just the food though.

Talking to Leo. Leo explaining. The other customers, which half of them seem and act like family than customers. Sitting on that table. I was blown away by the whole experience. At $75 pp btw which I think is very very fair. That intimate experience with Leo and his love for his food, you can’t put a price on that.

At this point I don’t see the point on eating other Italian


Sounds terrific. Like I’ve always maintained - Leo runs THE best Italian joint in L.A.


I’m in too!

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I just want to add…

Pasta Sisters. I love that sweet family and that Bolognese.


Bulgarini and Pasta Sisters. As of now. Still have to try Felix at some point. And Italy. Did I tell you that Leo takes his customers on tours in Italy?

It’s neck and neck between Bulgarini and Cento.

Oh yeah I do like Cento. That Beet pasta was very good. I haven’t been back in over a year or so. I am guessing I missed out on some other goods since.

I am kicking myself for not sampling the vanilla and chocolate orange gelato.

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He does it every summer. Takes them to the places where he gets his ingredients. Just fabulous.

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So what you’re saying is, Sicilian pistachio is in stock?

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Yup but call ahead!! Not sure if he will hold some for you.

Maybe grab some sandwiches at Roma Market for that long drive back

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Is the space large enough to hold 8 people and how does the space work with well behaved kids? Would you be able to order a la carte or do you have to do this as a tasting menu?


Yep had it yesterday, it was great

is it kid/toddler friendly?

Can hold eight if you call first and you can order a la carte, but having an idea of what you’d like before you go helps Leo deliver a better meal. It’s not kid friendly. The table is located in the prep space of the kitchen and there are several hazards. All seating is high-top. For the FTC dinner, we may try to move the dining al fresco, in which case, it would be very kid-friendly, but that will not be a la carte.

The FTC dinner may be if we hold outside and there are many bringing youngin’s, so it’s good you mention this. But to go and eat on your own, calling is almost essential to ensure he has enough food and it is NOT kid friendly as referenced in my previous post.

Thanks for the feedback. I will not bring my kids except to have gelato.

Hi @hppzz, @js76wisco,

To clarify, if you just want to enjoy the great handmade pastas and gelato, it is absolutely kid-friendly, you just sit at the patio tables outside.

I see families they all the time when we go.

It’s just the tasting menu setup the not kid-friendly.

Just call ahead to make sure they have the pastas and various sauces and your set. :slight_smile:


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Great clarification Chowseeker, that is absolutely correct. You can easily eat on the small tables outside, but you may not get as much interaction with Leo and others. Not optimal, but possible. A really decent enclosed patio for kids.

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looks great

I would imagine this event would not be kid friendly.
However, my wife and 4 YO kiddo were perfectly happy and safe at the table. As long as it’s not crowded and your kid can sit at the table then you should be okay.
After our dinner, my dutiful daughter explained that she liked my pasta and sauce better than Leo’s. She’s wrong, but she is a very good daughter.