Dinner near Greek Theater?

What is good in that area?

I like Mess Hall http://www.messhallkitchen.com They also will let you leave your car there and take Uber or Lyft to the Greek
Also Little Dom’s or even House of Pies…

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-Ditto on Messhall

-Purans Mediterranean on Hillhurst

-Palermo Ristorante on Vermont - If you’re up for red sauce & old school Italian kitsch. I don’t know if they still do this. But they used to give you a glass of chianti when you walk thru the door.

Barbrix is not too far and imho has the best food in the area.

Farfalla if you feel like pasta.

Little Dom’s and Mess Hall are also solid.

Ditto on Farfalla.

I usually end up @ Messhall too or hit up something in thai town (Reun Pair) while heading east.

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Fred 62. Okay, maybe not before-show dinner, but we never do that anyway. Since the shows start at or before what we call dinnertime, we tough it out and head for Fred’s for a nice late supper. Diner food, yup, and who the hell wants anything else after midnight?


The folks who want Thai food. Noodles! There’s a reason that “Crispy Pork Gang” is open 24 hours!

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Okay, except for Thai food. Somehow I don’t see Fred ever doing Thai food …

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