Dinner Omakase at Sushi Ichi: A Pictorial Essay (& REVIEW)

is this the same fucking joint that others hand mentioned a few months ago,or rather more than a few months ago in Pasadena that has good sushi along with sushi ike kamugere ???

how does it compare to a shunji or fucking mori ???

thanks man.

Kimagure is a better.

A different league, in my opinion.

Not to say Ichi is bad. Because it obviously isn’t. It’s fantastic. But just not as good as Kimagure.

But then you pay for the difference, as well.

To put it another way, Ichi is to Kimagure as Connie & Ted’s is to Providence


and Ichi is 200 fucking bones and it’s still just not that good ???

we’re talking Mori level from that price point.

kevin: I know it’s not your forte, man, but please, PLEASE read my original post again carefully. I explicitly said that I went into several BONUS rounds of nigiri, AND that $200 price included booze, too.


NSR was not too bad. True, Ichi-san tends to cut the neta a tad long, but there’s definitely enough shari underneath that to make the gestalt feel all right.

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When I was presented the aoyagi, Ichi-san said at that point he’d end my official omakase with tamago. but then I said I was still hungry, so I got 9 (NINE) MORE pieces after that, AND followed with a crab handroll and then my tamago.

So yeah, lots of bonus pieces (which I paid for).

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Ike is a small step up in terms of overall taste - The proportion of neta-to-shari is more traditional at Ike. Ike’s shari is also a tad higher in quality than Ichi. And of course the tako at Ike is wonderful (though not as exquisite as Zo’s in DTLA).

But, as ipse has already mentioned, I suppose that’s why the omakase at Ike costs a bit more than at Ichi.

just one beer and sake though right ???

still 200 bones for not so top tier is pretty expensive.

and I though the 25 pieces plus one beer form mori for 215 before tax and tip was super fucking expensive and that’ the top fucking game in town.


there ain’t much that’s within my fucking forte.

thanks to you fellows for the comparison.

it’s been a couple years or so, but i thought ike was a pretty reasonable omakase;
at least at the level we chose.
great fish, too. and a nice fella.

If you count you’ll see that there were something like 23 pieces before the 9 bonus pieces were added on. Elsewhere, and two years ago, someone else confirms that it was $100/head for 21-23 pieces:

Compare with $80 at Tsujita for 10 pieces at the lunch omakase.

the presentation on the seared salmon is really fantastic.

Thanks for the report.

100 a head two years ago would bring it in line with a Zo or Hikko at the time (though Hikko doles out two pieces per and doesn’t deal quite with that much variety).

I guess i’m just pretty fucking cranky.

for that price, i’ll stick with the tried and true mori/go smart/shunji, to build upon the triumpharate.

thanks man.

for the clarification, still expensive compared to the heavy hitters.

which is why it may have been emptier than a mori for instance.

Seafood prices have gone up significantly all over the world in just the past few years.

But do Zo or Mori give you that much fish for $100? I’ve certainly never seen any indication of that. Glad to hear it if my impression is wrong.

How many pieces did the original poster get for $100.

it would be around $200 for those 20-plus pieces from Mori.

and Zo starts at $165 (that’s the minimum price floor) and goes up from there.

yes, fish prices have definitely gone up exponentially. Just a couple years ago you could still get a pretty good omakase for $100 or a little above, now that same omakase due to fish inflation would hover around $175 for beginners.

anyhow, my fucking bad.

J.L can tell us if a price was mentioned for the omakase specifically (i.e the first 20 odd pieces he got). Given how similar those 20 odd pieces were to the omakase described in the blog post I linked to, I assumed the price would be similar (around $100/head before tax and tip). Extra pieces, drinks and tax pulling it up to $200. But maybe I’m being too optimistic. Then again at Sushi Sushi this summer we got 15 pieces for $65 at their lower tier lunch omakase. You can see what that included here: http://myannoyingopinions.com/2015/08/11/sushi-sushi/

My friend and I ate at Zo ~4 yrs ago. The price was ~$80pp (b/f tax, tip, etc), and I think that we perhaps got 10 pieces total (if even that much)?

So the price that J_L_ was charged for his meal (for good but necessarily outstanding) quality sushi would seem to a bit of a bargain, IMO.


just 10 pieces that does sound pricey for 4 years ago, but it was probably longer than that, maybe ???

because i think Zo was already in the 115 to 125 range for about 20 pieces back in 09 when i last hit that shit up, or it might have been 2010 tops.

once again, this was at the national location.

i believe the Zo Dtla which is now supposed to be the better one and the real OG one these days opened in 2012.

Thanks for this review.

Sushi Ichi is a fantastic place and deserves way more attention that it receives.