Dinner Tonight @ Sea Harbour: Recommendations?

Hello FTCers! Taking my parents to Sea Harbour tonight because I insisted they try a place with better food than CBS Seafood for a change. Now, I’m no virgin to Sea Harbour’s dim sum service, but I’ve never been there for dinner. Anyone want to recommend some standout dishes?

My parents are open-minded, but to a point. They usually order a soup, a beef dish, a shrimp or pork dish, maybe a fresh fish, and they certainly eat fowl. Then we enjoy the abundant leftovers for a day or two. What they probably won’t be as interested in is sea cucumber or similar things that are just outside of their comfort zone. I, of course, will eat anything.

So tell me, what are some of the must-order dishes for Sea Harbour’s dinner service? What are the notable stand-outs?

Thanks in advance!

Usual Cantonese hit parade will make most people happy, especially at high levels of execution:

Fish: Steamed live fish (rock cod; Australian garoupa if you’re feeling flush) with simple scallions, sweet soy, or via hot oil scalding.
Shrimp: Live spot prawns from the tank (market price), steamed with garlic paste - suck those heads.
Shellfish: Geoduck sashimi, and/or steamed Dungeness crab with egg white & Chinese wine, and/or stir-fried crab (or lobster) with pepper ginger and scallion (see if the chef can put that deliciousness on a bed of noodles for you).
Veggies: Green cucumber with garlic & spicy sauce, and/or sauteed string beans with preserved meats in XO sauce.
Beef: Pan-fried beef shoulder with matsutake and oyster mushrooms, and/or braised beef slices with enoki mushrooms & hot pepper.
Pork: Stir-fried pork with bitter melon & black olives.
Fowl: Fried pigeon, and/or stewed chicken with conch & mushroom, and/or braised chopped duck home-style.
Noodle: Wok-fried or braised e-fu noodles with stewed Chinese mushrooms.
Rice: Dried scallop, preserved meats & egg white fried rice.
Sweets: Sweet freshly-ground walnut soup, and/or steamed caramel sponge cake.

Eat well.


Hi @strongoxman,

What @J_L recommended is a great start. I have some pics from my last dinner there and those dishes are still worth ordering (mostly the same as what JL listed).

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Welcome to my life. :slight_smile: It’s so lonely being the only person at the table that wants whole fried shrimp or abalone.

Please let us know how dinner went, I’m always curious what other people do in this situation. Have fun with your parents!


Warden, my last meal request??? Here ya’ go.

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Thanks for the well wishes, unfortunately things did not turn out well. We didn’t make it to dinner; in fact, we didn’t even make it to the freeway before the screaming erupted. I’m a bit in shock still, but at the very least it does not seem like I have to worry about finding recommendations to fit my parents’ dietary limitations for the foreseeable future.

If I’m reading between your lines correctly, sounds like your evening yanked you into a surreal direction. I’m hoping the dust settles and all works out ok!

Wow!! Flashback!!

Can’t say I miss the all the drama. But surprisingly yes, I do. now.

I would give a whole pound of fresh geoduck to be a fly in that car.