Dinner tonight with The Wife™

Sorry for all these stupid posts of mine - I’m new to LA and quite lost!

Anyway - the wife and I are heading out for dinner this evening without the kids which is a rare occasion.

Where should we go? We are living in Westwood and can travel within reason.

We like fun, lively spots with good food & wine. She tends to order fish. I like steak, chops, pastas typically.

We don’t really want to wait around for a table for too long so if I can make a res somewhere that would be ideal.


westside recs:
hatchet hall
tar & roses
hinoki & the bird


Thanks - we’ve been to Craft. It was good but I would like something a little more happening. I’ve certainly seen Tar & Roses mentioned a few times. Does it have a little more buzz than Craft?

Yes, but unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be able to get a reservation for tonight, but you can always try for the bar.

+1 for Tar & Roses
or go old school at The Galley in Santa Monica.

Hi @DrinkSmokeGolf,

We’re glad to help. :slight_smile:

@PorkyBelly’s recs are great. Some notes and other thoughts:

  • Craft - Beautiful space. Classy, great New American menu. From Chef Tom Colicchio (Top Chef).
  • Tar & Roses - American Small Plates, Farmers Market driven stuff. More casual, might be busy, but great food.
  • Rustic Canyon - New American, Farmers Market-driven as well, bigger focus on vegetables (but they are delicious), but they also have meats.
  • Cassia - Southeast Asian-inspired menu, great bar program, also fresh seafood bar (oysters, shrimp, etc.).
  • Charcoal - Steaks, Fish and other dishes all grilled over open charcoal (hence the name). Nice space.

I forgot about Charcoal in venice. very buzzy, with fish and meat. the aged duck is excellent.


No worries, mon!

Hatchet Hall (tables open at 6:30pm / 9:30pm)
Rustic Canyon (tables open at 5:30pm / 10pm)
Cassia (tables open at 5:30pm / 10pm)
Republique (might be tough to get in)

For what it’s worth, when I moved to LA a couple years ago, I found Jonathan Gold’s (food writer for the LA Times) annual “101 Best Restaurants in LA” list a really great resource for learning about different restaurants, foods, neighborhoods, etc.


Damn. I gotta get to Charcoal.

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If you’re willing to travel downtown or for future reference, bestia is probably the liveliest spot in the city. Get there early and grab a seat at the bar.

I’m having a hard time finding anything around 8-9pm

How’s Ink in West Hollywood?

Odys and Penelope has a 900
Republique has an 800


Any of the restaurants within the sprout group will fit this bill, although some of their restaurants are a bit polarizing.


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Well the wife beat me to it. She booked us in at The Tuck Room Tavern and iPic afterwards. Hope it’s good?

Thanks so much for the suggestions - I’ll be sure to try them all eventually!

Have fun. Let us know how it was.

Santa Monica Yacht Club, sister restaurant of Tar and Roses. More fish, but also some steak. I think they still under book for walk-ins. Same chef-owner, Andrew Kirschner.

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[quote=“Eljeffy, post:16, topic:4165”]
I think they still under book for walk-ins.
[/quote]That’s pretty cool.

Hinoki and the Bird

We live for stupid questions. I ask them all the time. :wink:

I’m recently enamored of Hatchet Hall, and Gelina is always good.

Tuck Room is something I would like to hear more about - it’s new and in the 'hood.
Please report back.