Dish of the Month (DoTM) – APRIL 2017 – SOUTH ASIAN


Spicy, stewed, savory or sweet – please post your pics of South Indian (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and nobody’s going to complain if you include food from Myanmar) dishes here…



I had a chaat samosa and samosa at baps shri swaminarayan mandir in Chino Hills. It was excellent. Mango lassi was addictive too.


Weekly Zam Zam visit.

Lamb biriyani:

Chicken biriyani:

Chicken tikka:


Is there a Maldives (Maldivian?) restaurant in LA? Same question regarding Bhutanese food!

Vegetable biryani and paneer butter masala from Zafran Pot:

Not Zam Zam good but still quite tasty. (Also a different style of biryani.)


I’m going with Swadesh. Been going for years despite it completely tearing up my guts if i get anything more than 1 roti/paratha and chicken curry pictured here.

good birianis, curries, veg dishes… i go because of the fresh roti and parathas though for dipping.

Bonus: I’ve been trying to perfect the recipe that kinfolk posted of Andy Richer’s Burmese curry. It’s spectacular, but must be followed to a t (you’ll notice I didn’t and dropped in some thai eggplant, which is fine)


Had a great meal at Badmaash this weekend - first visit.
Quite an impressive meal.
Perfect samosas, breads , tandoori and sauces.
The “modern” stuff (like poutine and lamb burger) was as good as the “trad” curries etc.


Palak paneer and rice (with a side of raw onion) at India Sweets & Groceries in Torrance.


i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a DOTM thread go dormant for over a week during the actual month before. this prompts me to disregard statute of limitations and mention biryani kabob house on the eastern of edge of little bangladesh (a ten block area on the NE edge of k-town).

it’s been about 18 months and as i am not overly familar with the cuisine, i can’t remember exactly what we had, but it was good.

eat there and then get a donut (or a dozen) across the street at californa donuts.


speaking of little bangladesh, our own @JThur01 wrote an article last year on restaurants there:


especially since the board itself is as active as I’ve ever seen it.
Oh well
I have no S. Asian to add

I think everyone’s been distracted by sake and Felix. :wink:

And other things have been distractions as well. Anywho. I know this site has become very picture- oriented - I am not. Had a great dinner from Taj Tandoori again. Ordered quite a bit of the menu - lots of mouths to be fed. The food was delicious as usual, albeit stealthily spicy. “On point’” is what I kept saying to myself - fuckin’ kevineats…

I know it’s hard to accept Zam Zam leaving Culver City, and I would never claim that Taj has briyani as good as Zam Zam, but it is good enough to hold one over, and is usually not nearly as oily - just oily enough.


I went to Lakruwana in Staten Island this past weekend, but I believe it’s no help to this topic! Anyway, if you’re in NYC and craving Sri Lankan, you can do better than I did :frowning:

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Kinda cheating and haven’t been in about 2 months but chargha house near culver city/fox hills mall has the best lunch special ever. You can’t really beat a beef kabob, tandoor chicken, rice, veggies, naan, plus chicken curry for 6.99 (photo from Yelp)


Ramayani Westwood Indonesian Cuisine: Had a lovely meal, with frekadel jagung, martabak, garlic fried noodles with shrimp, and nasi goreng istimewa. Washed it down with a refreshing fresh lime soda. Dessert was awesome: Ice teller with really nice, ripe avocado and jackfruit. All the flavors were deliciously familiar and home-style - Very comforting stuff.


Was too hungry to take pics but I had a delicious dinner of saag (i.e., just greens) and gobi paratha from Samosa House West. The gobi paratha, in particular, is really worth trying.


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We’ve been pretty loquacious this month.

I drive by biryani kabob house all the time and have never stopped by. I’m definitely going to give this one a shot.

Hi @Bigmouth -

I’ve got your back :wink:

I had the Daal (lentils), BBQ Soy Beef, Butter “Chicken” Masala, Basmati Rice, Samosa, Garlic Naan.

The “meat” dishes were generically labeled, egs. “Chicken Curry”. It was kinda’ busy so I didn’t pepper them with questions. I’m basing my description on taste & color (I could be wrong).

The beef was chewy and un-beef like, but the faux chix w/creamy yellow sauce and the lentils were very satisfying. Surprisingly, their namesake, Samosa, wasn’t my favorite. Also, don’t let the friendly vegetarian label fool you; everything was hella’ spicy.

Samosa House East
10070 Washington Blvd
Culver City