Dish of the Month (DoTM) – FEBRUARY 2017 -- FINAL VOTING

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    [/poll]There seemed to be a clear front runner in the nominatinos section, but there were two other noms that got at least 2 votes. :slight_smile:

So your choices are above.

Polls close on 01/31 @ 11:59PM! :smiley:

Just bumping w/ one day left. :slight_smile:

Is soup noodle the same as noodle soup?

Either way, I’ll vote chicken because @TheCookie loves her fried chicken, so now she can have an official reason to eat it every day. :poultry_leg::poultry_leg::poultry_leg:

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I assume the answer is yes, although perhaps @Chowseeker1999 can clarify. :slight_smile:

And in return - if you & @MaladyNelson are still interested - I’m voting salads in March!

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I would hope it would be β€œYes” :slight_smile:. They should be the same. Thanks.