Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2016 -- Nominations (for realz)

Okay, after some deliberation, negotiations, and a misguided vote to leave the EU (whoops), let’s get started with July DoTM nominations!

@TheCookie made a suggestion about picking a theme for the month, which I think it’s a good idea. If you have future ideas for themes, please mention them here (or anywhere, really).

For this month, please consider making nominations that involve something juicy, tender, bloody, and MEATY. I guess seafood could also be considered “meaty,” for DoTM purpose.

Past winners:
January: LAMB
February: PASTRIES

Polls close at on 06/28 @ 8PM.


(EDIT: don’t forget to make NOMS in ALL CAPS)

I’m down for “seafoody!”

Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Nice. :slight_smile: So to confirm, our “Theme” this month is nominations that are “Meaty”? Or would “Meaty” be the actual end DOTM Theme if it got enough votes? Just curious.

Noms that are meaty. :slight_smile:

For themes for other months, I’m just going to randomly choose ones that have been mentioned previously, unless it seems like there’s a lot of support for a particular theme for the upcoming month. But I’m not creative, so that’s why I need suggestions for other themes!

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this is an OFFAL nomination


Off-topic, what IS that???

[quote=“catholiver, post:6, topic:3623, full:true”]
Off-topic, what IS that???
[/quote] You never know with this crazy guy. Last month he tried to get us to eat this.


You’re good. Tender, Juicy and meaty it is. I’m going for LIVER.

But is liver juicy? If not I’ll take BEEF.

Thanks for making me spit out my coffee - still laughing!

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Sea gull?

The earlier pic could be foie except for the skewers.

Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Ah I see, thanks. :slight_smile: Hm, “meaty” themed nominations…

MUSHROOMS - Mushrooms are most definitely “meaty” in taste. Portobello, Shiitake, Crimini, etc. Delicious.

BBQ - Is “BBQ” too broad of a topic? Definitely “meaty”. :slight_smile: If it is too broad, maybe…

BRAZILIAN BBQ (Churrascaria)

SHELLFISH - Shellfish can also be really meaty in taste. I also like @MaladyNelson’s nom for SEAFOOD.


foie gras glazed with soy sauce grilled over binchotan at raku. it was so fatty it was a contestant on the biggest loser. #neverfoieget


It’s July. Gonna keep it simple. BBQ


If “FRUIT” and “VEGETABLES” weren’t too broad, then “BBQ” should be fine, IMHO. :slight_smile:

Okay @Chowseeker1999 - Now you’re messing with my indecision :smile:. Brazilian BBQ sounds great, and I never turn down seafood.

[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:13, topic:3623”]
foie gras glazed with soy sauce grilled over binchotan at raku.
[/quote] Love the way you eat. Well… Most of the time :smile:.

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…yes to BBQ!


That looks and ‘sounds’ ridiculously wonderful. (We do house exchanges. I think I need to go to LA.)

[quote=“catholiver, post:19, topic:3623”]
I think I need to go to LA.
[/quote] I’ll gladly go on a food crawl with you.