Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2016 -- VOTING

:notes: One of these things is not like the others… :notes:

The choices for this month (very appropriate to the summer season) are…


I’ll let you decide which one if the black sheep… :wink: And, BTW, @TheCookie: I counted all your noms (since you can make multiple noms and… since I’m kinda lazy).

VOTING ENDS on 06/30 @ 11:59PM. VOTING ENDS on 07/01 @ 8PM

Cast your vote in ALL CAPS. Thanks.

BBQ please…

Thanks @paranoidgarliclover. Oooh darn… All three seem great. I think I’ll sit on my hands for a day and see what others vote.


BBQ/GRILLED MEATS gets my vote.




more descriptive

@wienermobile - I’m surprised you didn’t pick frozen desserts. Your love of meat is outweighing all else I guess :slight_smile:.

I really do love frozen desserts, but this…
or this. You tell me?


Since I’m home today and don’t have A/C, the soft-serve is looking good.

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Photo is from the new Magpies Softserve.

2660 Griffith Park Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90039

I knew it!

Have you tried It yet?

Not yet


More variety of places, with LA’s strength being Asian and Latin, we should get a wide range of places to visit.

From Mariscos Trucks who specialize in Nayarit or Sinaloa styles to Sushi to Fresh Oysters and Happy Hour Oysters to Chinese Steam Whole Fish to New England Lobster Rolls to Guatemalan Ceviche

BBQ…it will be the same 5 or so places. It is not as interesting. We will run out of places to talk about.

Seafood is endless in LA, so many hidden gems. Here is one for ya Mariscos El Faro at Highland Park Rec Center. Anyone been to this place called Bludsos in Compton?

BBQ means many things from the various styles of American BBQ, to Korean/Japanese/Brazilian bbq’s and others. I don’t think BBQ is limited to low/slow for this topic.


Hi @JeetKuneBao - I thought about that too. But we included grilled meats with the bbq. That opens it up to more possibilities. But I love seafood and frozen desserts too. I’m waiting to vote… because I can’t decide!

BBQ, i suppose.

as for your just desserts, many are cold, but few are… forzen?

the irony: getting to choose


Visited today. Solid all around. Malted chocolate favors malt and chocolate flavors over sweet. Vanilla was simple and suitably vanilla-y. Corn/Almond vegan was surprisingly good, with a nice mouthfeel which is contrary to most vegan frozen desserts I’ve had.

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