Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK

Hi Food on a Stick Eaters -

I’ll be in W.L.A. (Wilshire/Barrington area) tomorrow afternoon. Where am I eating my Yakitori?

Edit: Or any grilled meat… on a stick, of course.


Nanbankan, of course… (and 5:30PM is still considered the afternoon)

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That’s where I want to go. But alas, I need to get back to the office.

Do you need a place that’s closer or “faster” or open earlier? B/c Nanbankan ain’t that far from Wilshire/Barrington… Maybe Javan for kebabs?

Hi @paranoidgarliclover -

Just open earlier. I’ll be at Wilshire/Barrington (phone store) late morning. Since it’s close to spots y’all talk about, I was thinking Japanese. But, I just checked out Javan’s menu… yumm. My office mate would certainly be happy if I brought back Kebabs.


You’ll be near pizzana if you want some carbs and gluten

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I am surprised with all the hot weather . No one has posted a Popsicle, some frozen dessert on a stick , even some candy . :lollipop:


Hey… We’re slippin’. Let’s get on that folks.

OMG… Now you’re confusing things. Although I’m not a pizza lover, you may know, my passion is eating things on top of bread (crostini, flatbreads) - pâté, vegetables, fritto misto, eggs, sauce… okay I’ll stop. I’m trying to stick to the program here!

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I had a paleta the other day, but didn’t take a picture.


Gotta’ love the girl who has never eaten a candy bar and eats paletas not popsicles!

that’s funny. there are a lot of small SE Asian markets by me (store front shops) that sell really great frozen fruit deserts on a stick–mango, etc. plus all the great paleta people. maybe this weekend I’ll hike down 3rd street in the heat and grab one for DoTM


Little Saigon Night Market at Asian Garden Mall:

Squid on a Stick

Lobster on a Stick

Coconut Waffle NOT on a Stick

Total: $19


Is that a waffle with pandan?

I’d say there’s a good chance it is! It wasn’t advertised as such, simply “Coconut Waffle” but it did have a hint of the flavor, and it clearly IS electric green. Courtesy of the Lynda tent, so shouldn’t be too hard to verify.

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Final entry from Osaka. Perfect seat corner bar, classic cramped smoky izakaya. No English menu, but they did have a Chinese menu.

The stickman dips each skewer a few times in a vat of sauce during the grilling. Also carefully trims any bits of charred edges with schears. All the items were juicy tender with crisp char. We had chicken hearts/cartilage/skin/popes nose/meat balls and some other stuff. Memory and camera operations faded after our fourth bottle of shochu.

Since man/woman does not live by sticks alone. Also had chicken sashimi, dark and white meat. Slightly seared first, delicious.

Grilled lotus root topped with pork. Grilled sishito topped w/bonito flake. Pork intestine salad with fish roe.

A great meal and a great time!!


Has the Japan govt declared pork intestines to be another food group yet? :yum:


It is to us.

Can’t wait to make it back to Tokyo to our favorite horumon izakaya in Shinjuku. I’m so glad that offal is a health food and so good for us. ;).

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I’m waiting for someone to attempt intestine sashimi. :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth:


Ugh - I just threw up a little. :nauseated_face::wink: