Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK


I have an excuse to go to Tel Aviv Grill now to try the much lauded shwarma…meat on one big stick counts right??



aji - spanish mackerel
The ultimate #fishstick

asajime chicken breast wrapped with chicken skin

asajime chicken thigh

asajime chicken teba wing

pork intestines #shitonastick

kurobuta pork cheek


foie gras with glazed soy-based sauce

chicken livers

wagyu rib cap


Dem’s some awesome sticks!


Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori & Chanko (Torrance)
Went for lunch this week for some stick’d chicken meatballs and thighs. The lunch plate (comes with rice, salad & miso soup) is a pretty good deal at $11. The place was lively and the staff was friendly. I could see having a good time getting a pitcher and more stick’d meatz.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice! I totally forgot about the Rib Cap. How was it?

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One of the highlights of the night, juicy, fatty, delicous. Report coming shortly. Have you tried it?

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Wow that aji presentation is amazing.

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Yah, they always do a great job with their Sashimi presentations. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember us ever ordering the Rib Cap, strange. :sweat_smile: But good to know. I’ll definitely try it next visit! :grin:

Less than $3 a stick? I’m in! Chewed through the octopus and green onion fishcake on a stick, one of many varieties on offer at the Torrance Mitsuwa gourmet fair. I started eating before I remembered to take a photo. Supplemented with hijiki, burdock & carrot, and seaweed salad sides.


Darn! I forgot about this! Glad you got to eat some great food.

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At last, I can contribute to a DoTM!

Two separate meals. Some corn at home. If you order Popcorn Chicken for delivery, you can get a stick for your chicken. :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah. I managed my first successful visit to Popcorn Chicken today (earlier attempt before they opened) and got a to-go order. In the car, after a couple of finger-tip only bites, I discovered the stick. Made the rest much easier! People inside very nice. Ordered spicy, and it turned out much more spicy than hot. (Was very temperature hot, but spice was lower mouth, to me, and not sharp burning.) Enjoyed it, more at the beginning than as it cooled. I guess I’m still too midwest suburban grown – the cartilage and dryness began lessen my pleasure. Will try others of their snacks.


Nosh is in tha’ house.

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Matiki Island BBQ has built in sticks for their beef ribs.


Octopus on a (chop)stick



And octopus and stick comes from??? :slight_smile:

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Tel Aviv Grill Chicken Shawarma Pita

Followed your guys’ recommendations and yep its damn good! Moist, tender, seasoned. Veggies fresh n crunchy. My only gripe is that they have French’s “ketchup”. Malcolm Gladwell ketchup snob here and I can’t accept anything that isn’t Heinz, its the “is Pepsi okay?” of ketchup! Pita was pillowy. Solid meal. Would go again.