Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2016 -- Dumplings

Ahhhh… Got it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey Food Lovers - Try to give as much info as possible -location, etc - so we can all check out your finds. Thanks!

I know these are probably not authentic. But I was here for lunch and it’s dumpling month so why not.

Szechuan Dumplings w/Spicy Cilantro Sauce @Chin Chin Beverly Hills


yup. shrimp mandoo. personally, i think the ones at pao jao in koreatown plaza are better.

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Authenticity doesn’t matter much (to me), as long as it’s tasty. :slight_smile:

How were they?


they are. they might be the best in K-town.

The Karage there is the best I’ve found among the ramen joints. Crisp and Juicy. Way was this so hard elsewhere?

Half off during happy hour!

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They were actually tasty. The sauce had a little citrus or vinegar in it.

NOT the most photogenic of all dumplings. I was actually taken aback when the waiter fling it on the table. Otherwise it was good eating @ Happy Noodle restaurant in Temple City.

what the hell is that

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That was my reaction when it landed in front of me…. I guess this is what happens when you cook in high heat with a mixture of H20, juice of an unwilling pig and a bit of liquefied carb.

but what the hell did you order for that to land in front of you?

That was the pork and vege dumplings. Crispy skin side up…I swear one of them has a smiling face :grin:

It’s a trendy way of doing pan fried dumplings/gyoza these days.

Din Tai Fung does something similar. Also several other places. Basically they add a bit of slurry at the end which crisps up and becomes a sort of crepe dotted with pan fried dumplings. It is served upside down.

Delicious Gyoza!

Pork and Shrimp Pot Stickers!


I see it

It’s all the rage in Asia. A year ago.

Shade thrown on so many levels! :raised_hands:

Can’t have a Dumpling DOM without these.

Pork and Shrimp dumplings at DTF. I like them more than the XLB. Just as juicy but with an entire shrimp.

The boneless porkchop is dry and sad these days.

At least the fried rice is still good here.