Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2017 -- DUMPLINGS

I think America has adopted many food items from other countries, to where we forget who the “birth parents” are.

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[quote=“bulavinaka, post:110, topic:5206”]
Blue Man. He hates pastrami.
[/quote]I did not know this. I’m learning to like it… Langer’s :kissing_closed_eyes:. But mostly I don’t like it either… Hmmm.

[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:111, topic:5206”]
And butter? I think there was a couple of other random things he dislikes… :slight_smile:

[quote=“ipsedixit, post:112, topic:5206”]
Don’t forget cheese.

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[quote=“CiaoBob, post:116, topic:5206”]
Umeda - Waygu Dumlin
[/quote]Those look perfect.

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Hey?! Didn’t we do dumplings as a DOTM only one year ago?!

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I personally don’t mind a repeat. I mean, c’mon! It’s dumplings! The fact that it got voted twice suggests that others feel the same.


Oh, how funny. It was exactly one year ago.

Ah, well. I am simply a conduit through which votes flow… :wink:


You caught that, huh?

I dunno, I suppose.

BUT I also liked it back when you posted a reminder towards the end of each month about what the previous DOTMs were, just as a guide…

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Ohmigod, I hadn’t even realized that I had forgotten to do it for this month (been very harried w/ work stuff)! I normally only do it for the current calendar year, but perhaps I can do that or the past 6 mos, when we’re in the first 6 mos of the yr?

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Now now… Let’s not forget where our true priorities lie. :wink:

Seriously though, your DOTM efforts of any scale are much appreciated.


Would you like him to fix you a sandwich too?

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Oh stop… You do post previous months in one thread or another. I’ll say it again… you’re doing great babe.

I was glad we were doing dumplings again, because they’re delicious

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[quote=“J_L, post:131, topic:5206”]
Seriously though, your DOTM efforts of any scale are much appreciated.
[/quote]I know. See what you did?

…Anyway, look at these sad little things.

They didn’t even give me a spoon. But at this point, do you really care?

I was driving my usual route from work and happened to look left. Okay, it’s “dumpling month”, so why not?

The first warning bell was when I chatted up the cool counter girl, asking how they were doing in that 'hood (Beverly Hills) She said (paraphrasing) “Good. They first tried Japanese and that didn’t do well. So, they changed to dumplings.” Oh boy.

Hot and Sour Soup

It was neither hot or sour; just luke warm, I don’t know what. Sadly, this will not help in @Starchtrade’s quest for a slimy food movement.

Beef Bao

Just no. Instead of doing a tender chicken or a shrimp without pork - in an effort to appease the non-pork eaters they did this clunky beef thing.

I will say this again… With a few exceptions, unless you are willing to pay a fortune, Beverly Hills is a culinary dead zone.


I feel like this deserves its own specific post as it reveals an entirely new restaurant. Things get swallowed up in these more specific threads!

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ROC - Beverly/Grove Version

Moving farther east, this is a little more like it… kinda’.

I’ll ignore that they list most dumplings as just that, “dumplings”; not good for those of us who want to learn. But hey…

Shrimp & Chicken XLB

I didn’t particularly care for the shrimp/chicken combo. But that’s my problem. They were still juicy & flavorful.

Spicy Chicken Dumplings: That’s all they wrote, so I’ll say, Potstickers(?)

Pan-fried Chicken w/Hot Sauce & Secret Sauce (hoisin/plum?)

The Deliciousness that is Black Bean Paste in Oil

I have a question. Is it okay to request a certain done-ness to the wrappers?

ROC may not be what true seekers want. But we are sorely lacking in this 'hood and were thrilled when they opened. I was particularly thrilled about the chicken options (savvy addition for this market) Anyway, though the fillings are still delicious, the cook on the wrappings is not what it once was.

Example of what they looked like when they first opened :yum:. Just ignore the chopsticks; it was before J_L schooled me.

Happy Dumpling Eating!