Hopefully, I haven’t made a gaffe in counting the noms akin to the Best Picture debacle last night, so here goes…

I do think that the “something new for you” might get a bit unwieldly if not further defined, but, if it wins, I’ll let y’all continue to discuss that. :slight_smile:

BTW, b/c of the shortened month, the poll closes at 11:59PM on 03/01.


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i’m voting dumplings mainly to resurrect the old “XLB are/are not dumplings” argument. (i maintain that they are after a quick study into the use of the character ‘bao’ in other contexts)

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Perhaps we can create a thread for you and @ipsedixit to debate this??? :wink:

This is what Wikipedia has in the Alternative Name section: “Xiaolong bao, xiao long bao, soup dumplings are, xiaolong mantou, XLB”

IIRC i think i posted something in another thread, supporting my premise, to which i received no response. the short version: “bao” is as much if not more about what’s inside:

CNY lucky money ‘hong bao’ the container/packet/envelope is red, but it’s about the present inside.

pericardium ‘xin bao’ the membrane enclosing the heart

people are allowed to maintain their personal convictions, i am just saying that there’s enough factual evidence to support my claim.

actually, the other reason i voted dumplings is that i’m hoping someone will discover a source for pierogis other than polka in the southland. i surely do miss a plate of pierogis sauteed in butter with onions and served with sour cream on the side. though i’d accept a fusion using lebneh cheese in place of sour cream.

[quote=“secretasianman, post:8, topic:5197”]
reason i voted dumplings is that i’m hoping someone will discover a source for pierogis
[/quote]Me too! I want to find a place close to my 'hood. I struck out last dumpling dotm. Even when you just google “dumplings in L.A.” mostly Asian places come up, which I plan on eating a lot of if dumplings win :yum:. But I would like to switch it up a bit. Chicken & dumplings would be great too.

you’ve got primarily russian/georgian/ukrainian/that region that’s no longer named russia khinkali/ vareniky, what have you which you should be able to find around west hollywood which isn’t too far from where you be miracle mile-ish IIRC.

i understand there’s a polish place on the west side but i avoid the west side as a matter of general principle.

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Come to the bright side… We have cookies… and wifi.


Don’t even try. More free wifi and cookies for us.


I am here to make sure that Salads never win the polls. Never. We eat them in shame.


about the only thing worth eating on that side of town if you want to escalate.

But did you vote? Or are you waiting until 11:58??? :wink:

Did do

Says who? Don’t know what your chronic Westside issue is but as my football coach used to tell us, “suck it up and quit being little bitches.”


[quote=“secretasianman, post:14, topic:5197”]
you want to escalate.
[/quote]What the heck?

Compassionate person, eloquent orator, food lover… and he played football too!

He’s had some sort of unknown history with the Westside for a loooong time. Next to Putin and Asad, Westsiders are scrambling for chairs on Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell.


You ain’t kiddin’. I thought he was joking at first.

I know I’ve said this before. But you really could have a second career as a writer. That shit was funny.

i have no more or less biases than anyone else on FTC. i just don’t bother trying to deny them or trying to rationalize them.