Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MAY 2017 -- FRUIT

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Dessert called Agrumes (Citrus): Lemon curd, tangerine meringue, citrus chantilly, grapefruit sorbet…

Available at Spring (DTLA)


This was so good i had to repost

cheesecake - harry’s berries, strawberry sorbet
The menu had me at “harry’s.” Tasted as good as it looks.


Harry’s Berries

The Organic Gaviota Strawberries were pretty good this week, I think about 80% of what they can be. Still aromatic, mostly sweet (some slightly tart-sweet). But delicious. :slight_smile:

Harry’s Berries
(@ Hollywood Farmers Market (Sunday)) (North of the Arclight Cinemas)
1600 Ivar Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Day: Sunday
Hours: 8:30AM - 1:00PM

Also at Farmers Markets in:

Beverly Hills
Hermosa Beach
Santa Barbara
Santa Clarita
Santa Monica
Thousand Oaks
West Hollywood

See Website for more details:

Arnett Farms

Shasta Gold Mandarin Oranges:

As the sign said, they are seedless and easy-to-peel. Probably some of the sweetest (and last) citrus of the season, but delicious. :slight_smile: Mainly sweet, bright, citrus with some slight pleasing tartness.

Arnett Farms
(@ Hollywood Farmers Market (Sunday)) (North of the Arclight Cinemas)
1600 Ivar Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Day: Sunday
Hours: 8:30AM - 1:00PM

Also at the Santa Monica Farmers Markets (Wednesdays).



I’m always skeptical about buying oranges this time of year. But those older “Ugly But Sweet” farmers market mandarins are probably super delicious right now.

Great picture.


Thanks @TheCookie. :slight_smile: Yah we like Arnett Farms because they have samples of every fruit they offer, so you can sample and see. :slight_smile: But also over the years their staff help honestly steer us to their sweetest or best offerings each week.


Arnett is also at the Brentwood FM on Sundays. :slight_smile:

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chowseeker, did you happen to notice if there were any kumquats
left at the farmer’s markets?


Just returned from a trip to the Caribbean where I will say that I had the best bananas I’ve ever had in Barbados and St. Lucia…and I don’t even like bananas. So if you ever find yourself in Barbados or St. Lucia, do try some bananas because they let them ripen on the tree before picking.


Hi @linus,

I didn’t notice, sorry (there are so many booths and I wasn’t thinking about getting any so I mentally blocked it out, LOL). I’ll let you know if I see any this week. :slight_smile:

Nearing the end of the season for those wonderful cara cara oranges. This’ll probably be the last fresh taste of cara cara juice for 2017…


My oldest loves Strawberry Pie Season at Marie Callender’s

Double Cream Blueberry - Creamy vanilla custard, sour cream, blueberries & hint of apples

It got a little mangled. I doubt this compares to Apple Pan’s Boysenberry, but they use sweet, tiny blueberries perfect for pie and I’m a sucker for custard.


Mulberries are here!!! Persian mulberry and white mulberry are now in season, and available as part of dessert after your main meal at Shunji Japanese Cuisine. For those unfamiliar with this fruit, they are incredibly naturally sweet and delectable. The right time to enjoy these berries is quite short - Try’em while they’re still around!


Arnett also at Mar Vista FM on Sundays. Agree about the staff, super friendly, happy to give tips on the fruit. Yvette at Mar Vista is super quick and efficient, but always manages to point out how to best store and how long to wait for optimum quality of the fruit you buy.


Meyer Lemon Eton Mess

Tunnel of meringue, oozing lemon curd on top of whipped crème fraiche, dotted with moist morsels of pound cake, cherry compote and sprinkled with almond crumbles. :yum:. It was wonderful. Shhh… I actually had it in April.

788 S. La Brea


Cherries from my favorite street fruit guy. His fruit is always so ripe and flavorful.

A quart-cup overflowing with cherries for $5, and they are great.
[Edit to add: My photo isn’t that great, so the cherries look pale. They are actually a rich red, and perfectly ripe.]

Corner of Rose Avenue and Penmar.
Penmar Park, Venice



Getting my 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in.



blood orange




Mother’s Day is mañana so I went to the SM FM on Arizona this AM (what would I do without Ms?). Got there before 9AM and Harry’s was already almost out of Seascapes. I’m not surprised as Harry’s has pulled back on the amount offered on this variety, and I did see people already walking out of the market, holding whole flats of their strawbs - restaurant folk, obsessed eaters, Mom’s Day preppers, etc.

Harry’s strawbs typically are all great. I think if they offered only one variety, that variety - what ever it might be - would be embraced as a great strawberry. But depending on the time of year, it’s not unusual to see four varieties offered.

The Gaviota variety is the current crowd pleaser, as its sweeter, low acid flavor is favored over the slightly more tart, faint honeysuckle profile of the Seascape - the variety that Harry’s has always been known for.

Mara Des Bois is a somewhat precious variety. Sold in small clamshells, it is extremely flavorful and fragrant. Its strawberry flavor is so intense, it seems almost artificial, reminiscent of strawberry candy. Doing a little reading on this variety, it was developed in France, and is reputed to have the highest levels of esters of all everbearing varieties.

A fourth variety is available - I don’t recall the name, but compared to the other varieties, I personally found it to be sort of bland. As we progress through the season, things may change.

Blueberries used to be a somewhat rare and pricy berry in SoCal. Now, one can get a two-pound clamshell at Costco for the same price as what would buy you a handful of berries decades ago.

These commodity-level berries are being sourced from all over the Western hemisphere, almost year around. Blueberries are now commercially grown even in SoCal as well. While commercially grown commodity varieties can be pretty good at times, they typically leave one wanting for more flavors of a proper blueberry.

Walking the FM this morning, I noticed Chas Organic Blueberries of Oxnard. The blueberries appeared visually perfect. A little on the larger side for a blueberry, they were plump, mature and completely blue with a nice patina.

These berries have a nice subtle sweetness, just a little tart and slightly tannic - a really nice blueberry. I thought these were more than worthy enough to mix in with Harry’s Gaviotas. I garnished these with some elderberry liqueur and some mint.

We enjoyed the mixed berry salad with some goodies from Rose Cafe.

Get the bread pudding.


Nice report @bulavinaka. :slight_smile:

The 4th variety we tried last season (in the fruits section ;)), was the Viva Patricia. What a wonderful blend you created yesterday. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


The gratuitous harry’s berries shot. Already a line at 830 this morning.

gaviota and viva patricia
The patrica’s tasted slightly sweeter than the gaviotas.