Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MAY 2017 -- FRUIT

Okay, so that’s what I thought :smile:.

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Thanks, @TheCookie! A great time was had by all…I really enjoyed sampling all the food in that neck of the world, too!

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#salt & straw

avocado, strawberry


Arnett is also at the Torrance FM Tuesdays and Saturdays. :slight_smile: Great photos!

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My brother bought me a birthday boysenberry pie from Pie N Burger in Pasadena. Nice plump and sweet boysenberries. Filling had a great consistency…no runny filling here. Crust was too thick and well done for my liking. It stuck badly to the bottom of the pie pan. Still…I managed to consume several slices over the last few days :smile_cat:


Here’s a related thread about cherries recently started by @Luluthemagnificent:

That seems like a very tiny scoop at S&S. How was the ice cream? I usually go for the toasted white chocolate and strawberry but this sounds interesting.

I have a Scoops in my neighborhood, and it makes me crazy they rarely use fruit in their ice-cream.

it was actually a split scoop of the white chocolate, strawberry and the avocado strawberry sherbet. they were both very good.

Nice. The split scoop is the way to go at Salt N Straw.

Side of plantains at Simply Wholesome on Slauson. Also pictured, jerk chicken patty & side of collard greens.


purple is a fruit


Love the strong strawberry aroma of the Seascape and its more sweet-tart than the Gaviota witch I prefer although Gaviota’s are pretty darn good. Too bad McGrath no longer has them. I try to get strawberries at Rutiz when they have them on Wednesday’s, it’s kind of a crapshoot which varietal you will get but they seem to get the most out of their strawberries.

Yes I’m always trying to save a dollar or two over Harries lol


The Strawberry Soda at Kato is a wonder.

Do any other restaurants have notable fruit sodas I/we should be aware of?

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I know Maple Block his house made fruit sodas that are used in some of their drinks. I haven’t tried them though.

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Crossroads / W. Hollywood

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse, Vegan Avocado Basil Ice Cream, Raspberries, Dried Apricots, Marcona Almonds garnished w/Micro-basil

Lemon Poppy Seed Sorbet

Maccheroni Republic / DTLA

Blueberry Olive Oil Cake w/Raspberry Sauce

I love Olive Oil Cake and this did not disappoint.

A table mate ordered an Apple Tart thingy. I didn’t try it, but unsurprisingly (wrong season) they said it wasn’t good.

SK’s Donuts / Beverly Grove

Fruit Cup

Strawberry Nutella Cronut / Strawberry Custard Cronut / Strawberry Whipped Cream Stuffed Glazed Donut

Skip the empty calories of the stuffed glazed donut. But if I’ve ever criticized the Cronut craze or its inventor I take it back! :heart_eyes: These are going on my best bites list.

Cheesecake Factory / Beverly Hills

Mango Key Lime Cheesecake aka My Favorite CF Cheesecake - Thin spread of Mango Jam on top of Mango Mousse & Key Lime Mango Swirl Cheesecake, Chewy Vanilla Coconut Macaroon Crust.


Wolf / W. Hollywood

Eton Mess - Meringue, Berries, Vanilla Whip, Housemade Black Tea Ice Cream (not shown)

This was not eaten in May, but it deserves honorable mention for Berry Lovers.



burrata, peaches, mint, olive oil, aged balsamic
This dish was fresher than a first year grad student at USC.


#Fishing with Dynamite



Torres Produce (GCM) - Organic White Peaches & Organic Strawberries

Fruit Salad - Chez Cookie

Along with the Peaches & Strawberries I added Champagne Mangos, Lime Juice & Dollop of Banana Pudding (Magnolia Bakery)