Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- November -- Nominations

The Running Goose

thanks man.

my memory is for the fucking shitter.

thanks again. hopefully i’l l hit it up this weekend, maybe sunday. i better before the new year rolls around.

Have you had the apple wood smoked short robs at Odys and Penelope?
Very good.

thor - i think we were both chronicling the demise of frida on beverly some time ago … just a note that the dish i liked there, the 24 hr short ribs, is no longer on the menu. also rip the real lobster tacos…that place is still packed, but has slipped. i don’t go often but sometimes my work takes me there cuz my office is in bh…not sure if you still go

i missed the fucking boat on those real lobster taquitos. fuck !!!

oh, well.

hhhmmmm, maybe fucking ruth’s chris may have some short ribs on the menu too, i’m guessing on special these days.

I have not, but I will have to check them out. Unfortunately, I don’t get up to LA a whole lot these days. These
look great though. Thanks for the tip.

Being November, I can’t help but nominate MUSHROOMS/FUNGHI

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all sound good to me. (i’m getting a “be more descriptive” message which is going to make voting difficult.)


I, too, am getting a “Body invalid - Try being a bit more descriptive” error message when I attempted to post the above.

@strongoxman: are you referring to some sort of error message from the website itself? If so, pleas contact @robert to let him know.

@nosh: are you referring to a potential message from me??? :wink: I must admit that when PorkyBelly first nominated that, I thought about asking for clarification. However, I think we might be able to get some interesting pics/descriptions of things that you (generic "you) might be normally think could be deep fried.

For “deli,” though, I think it might be helpful to be more specific. Deli meats? Deli hot case items? Deli sandwiches?

UNI PASTA (to be specific)

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Hmmmm is the body invalid because I didn’t type enough words?

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I nominate we sever that cord and go with monthly “weekend run down” or weekend run down of the month.

I’ll go w/ whatever posters are doing. If there’s enough noms to move forward (and it appears that, for now, there are), then I don’t mind continuing to organize. :slight_smile:

In the just published Garden and Gun’s The Southerner’s Cookbook there is a recipe I’ve ear marked. It is from Underbelly in Houston by Chef Chris Shepherd. Chicken Fried Short Ribs (beef). When we get another cold day I’m going to have to give it a try.