In the final voting, it wasn’t even close; cheap eats easily got double the number of votes vs. the runner-up pasta.

Let’s see y’all get in touch w/ your inner anti-ballerz this month!

Cheap guidelines:

  • $8 or under for main dish at breakfast or lunch; $12 for the meal all-in

  • $10 main item at dinner; $15 for the meal per person all-in


@ipsedixit: can we get a pin?

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Let the record show, HEAD came in third with 12% of the vote.

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Much better than regional. But I’m proud to stand alone :sunglasses::fist:.

I should totally wipe the record after the voting window closes! :wink:

It’ll actually be interesting to see being able to see the results for non-winning noms and write ins end up affecting the voting in future months…

I like seeing the results. I’m a statistics nerd.

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No photos (we were hungry), but dinner last night from Tony’s Pizza - - take out:

2 Supreme salads (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, shredded mozzarella) $3.00 each.

2 large eggplant parmigiana sandwiches $5.75 each.

4 slices (two cheese, one margherita, one Italian flag) 2@1.75 each, 1@2.50, 1@3.00.

2 free small sodas (free drink with two slices).

Total = $24.75 (excluding tip) and enough leftover for one lunch today!

We’re fans of their eggplant sandwiches and pizzas - salads remind me of the Family Guy episode that has a pizzeria deciding to add a salad to their menu. (Starts at 0.23 seconds: However, their house vinaigrette is great; I think it’s made with red wine vinegar.

Also, the friendliest service!


Johnny Pacific, Winnetka. Is there a better empanada in LA? For $3?

Empanadas - $3 each, lunch special 2x empanadas + 1/2 fries or 1/2 salad + can drink = $7.95.

The kalua pork doesn’t taste like kalua pork, but is awesome, especially when paired with the great chimichurri sauce. banana nutella empanada is also delicious, albeit super unhealthy and sugary.


Good job!

So does “all-in” include tax and tp, like I only have a ten and a five for dinner when I walk into the restaurant?

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I say yes. I’m going to make it as challenging for myself as possible. But let’s see what @paranoidgarliclover has to say.

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I’m going to say that it does NOT include tax/tip since tax may depend on geographic area, and you should free to tip as much as you like. :wink:

Whoa, a blast from the past. Growing up, I despised their pizza and hated the people serving. But those people are probably all retired, so I’m glad to hear that things have improved…

I vaguely recall enjoying their subs (which might have had the vinaigrette of which you speak).

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PORTO’S! $13 for all this!


IKEA $6.00 includes Extra Meatballs


Good job!

Hayat’s Kitchen
2 sandwiches and the glorious Provençal wings for $22 including tax.


I didn’t find anything in Westwood for $8 for lunch, unless you count 800
Degrees pizza of the day, which had bacon on it, bleh.

But purely by chance, I found the brick and mortar restaurant that The Lime Truck opened here. I got a potato taco and it was great! One of the better potato tacos I’ve tried; the chimichurri sauce is excellent.

Mr. Potato Taco - Crispy Pee Wee Potatoes, Pico de Gallo, Chimichurri, $3

FYI, on Tuesdays ALL their tacos are $3.

TLT Food - Westwood
1116 Westwood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone. 310-443-4433


double double animal style whole grilled onions extra toast $3.92 OTD


I was going to go out and get tacos but I think a double double is now in order.


No photos, but stopped in for rolls at KazuNori on my way home tonight. Very pretty space, like a clean, bright, minimalist Apple Pan. Since it was a DOTM budget meal, I got the three roll combo for $11.

Loved the rice, it was warm and nicely loose. The nori was crisp and not salty, I liked that too. But what is up with the fillings? Good proportion, but the first roll was smashed salmon, second roll was bay scallops (good scallops) and mayonnaise, and the third roll was like water-based canned tuna with more mayonnaise. I don’t use soy sauce, so I really noticed the lack of flavor in the fish.

Do they mash all the fish? Does the blue crab have mayo also? I want to like this place, but the fillings did not impress me at all. Maybe I will just order plain rice rolls next time. :slight_smile:

They add a 16% service charge, so the bill was $13.96 total, with tax. I left $14. I’m throwing my hands up re tipping/service charges. I’m tired of new math.