Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- SEPTEMBER 2017 -- BREAKFAST

“Hi, I’d like some chocolate ice cream but with the chocolate on the side please. Thank you.”

The icing appears to be squirted on from either a piping bag or squirt bottle. Plastic cup would work - even squirting whatever the requisite amount on the side is fine too. That doesn’t sound complicated, does it? Plus, the place is very accommodating.

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This location, actually figured it out years ago. They don’t have nearly as much bacon in these hotel pans as they used to. So they keep people from really hoarding vast quantities… like I used to.


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“It’s too early for this.”


(A text from my NY friend this morning at 5:30 am PST.)


I think that would be scary @ any time of the day

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Might work on the Drunk/Stoned/Hungry thread. :wink:

lol. I imagine that it’d also be a great brunch item during Pride month. but for me, I’ll stick to eating old school bagels.

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Bagels and Brew has these as well. The kids are amused.

U2: Unleavened Unicorn

Runny eggs at home!IMG_2842


Really good meal at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery in Los Alamos.

Bacon & Egg (grilled Pain aux Lardons topped with a local farm egg and lardons):

Mushroom toast (poached farm egg, lardons, shallots, sherry vinegar, crème fraîche):

“Shatteringly” crisp, rich and delicious plain croissant:

David Crosby from Crosby, Stills, & Nash was there eating breakfast as well. :smile:


Can you compare it to Chaumont??? :slight_smile:

Aloha Cafe (Little Tokyo)
Breakfast and Hawaiian plates are available for breakfast here. Breakfast comes with rice and a Hawaiian roll (hash brown potatoes can be subbed for extra). I had the breakfast scramble (3 eggs scrambled with onions, bacon, spam, and sausage). The French toast is made with Hawaiian bread…and when topped with strawberries and whipped cream…it looked really good. They have longanisa as a protein option here…my friend’s breakfast plate with rice and eggs over easy looked super good. One of us got a kalua pork plate with rice and macaroni salad for breakfast. It was a reunion meal, so we spent a lot of time catching up…and the staff came by to refill our drinks regularly. For less than $10 a plate and a nice place to catch up with friends, it was a good time.


Seafood Cove #2 (Westminster)
When your kid has an early morning match in south Orange County and finishes around the same time as your parents getting out of Tai Chi, you meet at the family dim sum place. It’s not the best dim sum you will ever eat, but it’s comfortable and we’ve been going here since it was Lam Phong Lau (sp?). The kid ate enough har gow and baked char siu baos to make up all the energy he used during his soccer match. The parents had all the staples…tripe, chicken feet, siu mai, cai lan, et al. The kid especially enjoyed the paleta-style popsicles they were serving. His watermelon popsicle was puréed watermelon frozen into a mold…it’s kept super cold…perhaps on dry ice because you can see the cold radiating from it. He loved it.


I haven’t been to Chaumont yet! :confused:

House special lobster is always a winner there, too. I used to go pretty often, but it’s been a few years now. Thanks for the reminder.

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@OCSteve We used to go to the original for the lobster…in fact, on free days, I roll over there for the lunch specials with a side of lobster :slight_smile:

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Siam Sunset


Also got Thai Tea with Lime (and without milk).

The Pork Blood Soup with off cuts had a mild savory taste and came with a very good sweet/sour chile sauce that I spooned over the blood and guts. Some of this eventually made way to the porridge. Got the porridge with a soft boiled egg, and it came with plenty of pork meatballs. Added some white pepper from the tableside. The donuts are more dense compared to the Chinese ones I grew up on still tasty with a small dip of condense milk. Hearty breakfast but doesn’t make you feel gross afterwards.


Hopefully I’ll be able to get to my childhood favorite, Yi Mei/Huge Tree Pastry.

Build-your-own omelette at Maxwell’s Cafe on Washington in Culver City. Went with spinach (which ended up being plentiful, but lukewarm), mushrooms, and avocado. I doused it with their homemade salsa. Comes with one side (I picked fruit) and choice of toast (rosemary for me) for $10.99. Average breakfast fare, but comfortable atmosphere and good service. It’s near my friend’s work so we stop in before his shift every so often.