Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- SEPTEMBER 2017 -- BREAKFAST

Our new breakfast fav is Antigua Bread, on Figueroa.

My husband gets the Antigua Breakfast - 3 Eggs, Black Beans, Platanos Fritos, Creama, Quest Fresco & Salsa Fresca, w/ Bread or Tortilla. Me? I love the Breakfast Chapin - 2 Eggs Scrambledw/ Tomato & Onions, Black Beans & Queso Fresco. Served w/ French Bread

They make the french bread there and it is so light and lovely. The black beans and fried plantains are extra killer - and the coffee is excellent. Yum!


Guatemalan breakfast is one of my favorites.

The eggs, plantains, black beans, crema…than using bread to scoop up the dozens of possible flavor combos!


breakfast specials at the SGV branch of sun nong dan:
sun nong dan 00 morning specials 0904171324

two types of kimchi:
sun nong dan 01 kimchi 0917171007sun nong dan 01 kimchi 0917171007a

and every one got their own bowl of rice & bowl of condimentssun nong dan 01rice whatnot 0917171007b

soup with beef & leeks
sun nong dan 02 beef leek soup 0917171012a

soup with spicy shredded beef
sun nong dan 02 spicy beef 0917171012

soup with ox knees (basically an ox tendon soup)
sun nong dan 02 ox knee soup 0917171014

$6.99 a bowl plus tax/tip. there are worse ways to treat a hangover in the morning.


Finally made it over to Eggslice this morning. They’re working on a more permanent arrangement with Shuck (longer term and expanding service to 6 days a week). Pictured are the chicken schnitzel & egg and the sausage & egg.

Food 011

Food 012

Both could have used a touch more salt, but they were both outstanding. The chili jam they use comes on sweet, but has a nice little kick at the back end and complemented both sandwiches really well. We liked the chicken schnitzel slightly better. The breading was light and stayed on the chicken nicely. We’ve decided that we’ll solve the salt problem on the chicken schnitzel next time by adding bacon to the sandwich.


Breakfast at Röckenwagner Bakery on Washington in Culver City this morning. I had the pretzel croissant sandwich, which comes bacon, cheese, avocado, and eggs (I went with over easy) on their freshly baked pretzel croissant. I skipped the basil aioli spread and asked for Swiss cheese instead of the default cheddar. Very tasty, but the fillings made the croissant go soft quickly. The side salad was simple and fresh, with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion dressed with a simple vinaigrette, but eating a salad at 8am is not something I normally do. My friend got the Röckenwagner - 2 pancakes, toast (yes - carb overload), 2 eggs, and choice of meat. I got to try a bite of his weisswurst and it was so juicy and had a nice flavor profile. With 2 lattes, breakfast for 2 came to about $40 before tip. Not a cheap morning stop, but we left satisfied. A few side notes - not the most comfortable seating, since most seats are backless stools, but a nice bright, airy space. Service was casual and friendly.



That’s Costa Mesa, correct? I had the absolutely best Mexican breakfast at Eat Chow on Sunday. Unfortunately, can’t post pictures from my phone.

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Yes. Costa Mesa. It’s in the SoCo Center. We haven’t been to Eat Chow in quite awhile. Thanks for the reminder.

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Mosca breakfast sandwich from Sqirl. So. Good.

Did not take a picture because I was too busy pounding it. But below is a picture from a Food GPS article about it. Like Gjusta, Sqirl in off-hours is just a delight.



Phở 79

Oxtail Side

Phở Đặc Biệt


All this for less than $13…

Phở 79
9941 Hazard Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843


Classic. One of my favorite breakfasts (and lunch, and dinner). Been times I went on a busy weekend a little after lunch and the oxtail is completely gone.

The first time I tried this place I arrived at 9:35am on a Saturday, ordered by 9:40 and got an oxtail, and the guy 1 table over who tried to order 9:45 was told “sorry, we ran out” just as my giant steaming bowl was being brought over.

Anyone know if they do batches of the oxtail throughout the day? Or is it always gone until the next day?

I’ll ask the next time I’m in, but I remember it’s only one batch. Almost impossible to get it at night.

Nice timing! You were destined to eat that oxtail!

RIP bacon bar.

This is the slot where the bacon was. Replaced with it’s not so tasty cousin, poorly executed WF link sausage. Sad day, indeed.


I can’t like this.

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