Disneyland best table service dining?

Best table service dinner option in Disneyland? Recollect someplace in New Orleans square…
Thanks in advance

are you thinking of “Blue Bayou”?

my money is on Cathay Circle in DCA for decent drinks and food, with an adult ambiance. would not recommend if you’re bringing kids.

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Here in Disneyland, no dual park tix though so limited to just magic kingdom options.

Awfully busy on a Monday…

these are your only official options for true table service:

Blue Bayou / Cafe Orleans / Carnation Cafe / River Belle Terrace

  • Blue Bayou is the most themed and recommended if you can get in
  • Cafe Orleans basically has the same menu as BB w/o the ambiance IIRC
  • Carnation Cafe is often recommended for their fried chicken but I think for an FTC’er it’s nothing special, though quite edible

Never been to RBT.

Club 33

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Darn…I missed this one. I’d hop over to Napa Rose inside the Grand Californian. Ask if Saucy is working the floor…he’s quite the character if you’re looking for an entertaining evening.

I agree with @attran99 Napa Rose. The service is excellent.

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Not only the best restaurant at Disneyland, maybe the best restaurant in Orange County.

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Maybe not even then. The Ranch Restaurant might take that honor.

What’s FIFY?

FTC hot take of the week.

Thanks all for the feedback, we ended up at the Cafe Orleans… unfortunately Blue Bayou was fully booked.

In all fairness, we arrived in the park at 5:30 hoping to dine at 6:30… note to self a bit more advance planning in the future…


I like the beef short rib at Napa Rose better than Ranch.

For future reference, you really can skip the Blue Bayou. I’ve done it twice, and there’s not much to be excited about unless you want to see riders on Pirates of the Carribean. I don’t get the Monte Cristo sandwich…sweet and salty in a sandwich doesn’t sit well with me.
You’re really better off at Napa Rose. I’ve also heard good things about Steakhouse 55.

Also Cafe Orlean’s has may of The Blue Bayou’s menu items, including the Monte Cristo’s at much less the price. Blue Bayou $27 vs Cafe Orleans $19.

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