Disneyland - The Happiest Place on Girth

The laid-back surfer dude apprentice to Darth Maul, dude.


Someone else can take them! If you asked me to give you a list of a hundred - hell, a thousand things I’d like to do - it wouldn’t make the list. Just not for me.

That’s different than comparing prices.

If it cost $25 to go I’d likely put it on my list :slight_smile:

A movie ticket, popcorn and a drink would cost you more than that.

That shows you where it ranks in importance to me :slight_smile: And I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie.


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Where are you seeing movies??? Even iPic doesn’t always hit the $25 mark, does it?

Not gonna lie, the Halloween special hot dog inside DCA in the Hollywood area is not bad.

A foot-long dog that’s beefy and got a great snap! I would be perfectly happy having it served plain, but some folks would like the toppings…though they are heavy-handed. A “spicy” mayo, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, spicy mango chutney (likely laced with serranos or habaneros), chicharone, and pickled onions.

Also comes with some great fried potato curls.