Diwali: Hindu Festival of Lights!

Diwali, Oct. 24th, is a major holiday in India and around the world. It is marked by 5 days of festivities and traditional foods. A wonderful time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and regional specialties. What are your favorite dishes? Do you cook at home, or dine out?


My only experience is: in Nepal they eat lots of goats for Diwali. The goats below have been marched from Tibet over the Himalayas to be roasted for the festival in Pokhara.

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Great pictures

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My impression from Indian coworkers is that it’s mostly celebrated with family, like Christmas. Lots of people take extra time off from work and go to their hometown for a few days.

Pasting a gift link so hopefully no paywall:

As is vehemently noted in the comments, the article makes no mention of Diwali being a Hindu festival.

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Diwali’s not exclusively Hindu.

It’s also celebrated by people who aren’t religious at all, much like Christmas.

Some of my coworkers in India had a great-looking pizza.

We have enjoyed several Indian meals lately. Sometimes we forget about those vibrant flavors. Indian cuisine is definitely back in our rotation,