Does Anybody Know Where Mainland Chinese USC Students Get Their Chinese Food Fix?

As someone who frequents the Expo Train line. which has THREE stations right near the SC campus, i see that it’s quite easy for SC students to take the train to either Chinatown or further east to the SGV. I also see that, because of the train, many SC students do not live near campus. In the case of Mainland Chinese students, I could see they might prefer living near the food rather than campus.

What is an ABC/Ks?

American Born Chinese / Koreans


It’s probably why Shao Kao (RIP) did pretty well there.

Are there great Chinese restaurants walking distance from Gold Line stations?

There are great Chinese restaurants uber-able from Gold Line stations.

TonyC answer: Wherever there’s a fuerdai exotic car fest parked out front…

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Best line ever.

Thanks for the info! I only did a drive-by and they looked like taco trucks. Is this near Jefferson and McClintock?

Correct. You can usually find street parking going down McClintock. There is a newish truck hanging out on Vermont near the fields. But I haven’t had a chance to check that one out yet (It’s essentially across the street from the Boba Shop, so it’s a smart location). The truck folks speak okay English and are actually really friendly. You can chat with them and I’m sure they will give you the real skinny about the Visa students in the area. And that Mexican Lady and White guy who come and always order shrimp and egg… LOL!!

But yeah, the taco truck thing should have been a tip off. USC does not need Taco Trucks what with La Taquiza and La Barca (Still an absolute Scene) and now Banditos. Like I said, some of these ABC/Ks know where to go for the good stuff. I often see them at the Taqueria Taco Shop after games. LOL!!




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add @CiaoBob to that cadre…

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Not great but better than what SC has to offer.

I was once accompanied by a USC student from Shanghai, serving as an interpreter. She told me that she and her friends would get together and drive out to the SGV on a regular basis to get food.

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I’m presuming that was also the model at UCLA until the past two years when places like Qin West, Northern Cafe, L Kitchen, Koala T, and Popcorn Chicken have opened up.

Thanks, Dommy! Who would have guessed that the Tacos Guadalajara and Fluffy Tacos trucks served authentic Northern Chinese food? Thanks for the tip.

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Add a recently opened on campus source of Chinese and other Asian food. Probably not what the Mainlanders are looking for, though.

Hey! Glad to help solve the mystery. We always knew what they were and who they were catering too. But when we finally visited ourselves out of dinner desperation we were shocked at the variety!


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i only wonder if that’s a typo for “expensive”

@chandavkl’s report on Chinese food trucks around USC is up at LA Weekly, and he name checks @Dommy and Food Talk Central: