Does anyone know what's going into the Terrine space on Beverly?

I see they painted the facade white…

I don’t know, but is Morningstar serving charcuterie anywhere else? That was an epic spread.

Best patio in LA.

I know Terrine has shuttered. Not sure what’s going into that space or where Morningstar is headed next.

Boy… that was kinda’ quick wasn’t it?

WTF happened? I’m pretty shocked. Was absolutely packed on my two visits and looked busy when I’d drive by.

Yeah. only has a little blurb about the closing. Has anyone been recently? We had decided early on that we probably wouldn’t go.

I was there on a Tuesday in November and it was busy.

Then I’ll go with clash of egos. Or loss of lease.

I’ll go with the standard landlord tripling rent or managerial incompetency.

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I just tried to get some intel. But I got this instead. Pot isn’t going to make it :disappointed:.

You mean Roy Choi’s place? Or Cannabis in general?



All I got was Roy Choi’s Pot at the Line Hotel is closing. It didnt seem like a good fit for a hotel, even a K-Town hotel. I think they might have nickel & dimed him and the quality suffered. I wish him the best.

Restaurant bubble… tick tock.

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that would be interesting given this post

Ooh! :sweat_smile: I’m slow. God forbid.

We’ll see. I hope my source is wrong.

I don’t think Terrine was there long enough to have lost their lease, which would mean the landlord couldn’t triple their rent.

If the place is already being painted, maybe the owners are just doing something different with the space.

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Their weekend only hours wasn’t a good sign.


That’s not good. Maybe they’d do better at a stand alone spot.

Choi seems like a passionate food guy: Traveling to promote fast-healthy in the urban areas, etc. I hope he does well with his future projects.