Does anyone sell Rennet?

Tried Surfas today.

The mozzarellas our stores carry are inspiring me to try and learn

Oh wow, Surfas used to have it in the refrigerated section. That’s too bad.

Cheesemaking specialty shop, otherwise mail-order. Or get a fourth stomach of a calf, lamb, or kid and make it yourself?

We have rennet! We seem to be only brick and mortar in the area that carries it. We stock vegetable tablets and both vegetable and animal liquid rennet.

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Yeah… Surfas had rennet the last time I visited. Which was last week. It’s in the refrigerated case by the wall at the bottom.

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@robert’s suggestion is where I buy it. Nice people.

oh what the heck… wife was in the area yesterday… i called and the front desk person didn’t even know what it was… 5 minute hold later he said no they dont carry it. thanks for confirming.

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Fairly close! And I can start learning about what I need for some beer batches huh. Got a proper setup given to me.

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Their service is not what it was in Culver city unfortunately.

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for some reason my dumb behind didn’t think to check amz … of course they have it.


Yep! It’s nice folks… they aren’t the passionate foodies that once worked there. Sad. :frowning: You don’t even see Les all that often either…

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You will enjoy it and I think it’s closer to your new neck of the woods.

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@Nemroz I saw rennet tablets at Bristol Farms in SaMo yesterday.

Suggest calling the Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills to see if they have it if SaMo’s too far for you.

Junket’s not a substitute for pure rennet.

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bezos brought me the good stuff already. thanks yall… even woodland hills is a 90 minute Rtrip now


Not entirely true, although sellers of cheese making ingredients would have you think so. It may require minutes more work, crushing and dissolving the tablets.

Rennet’s the fourth ingredient in Junket tablets, after salt, calcium lactate, and cornstarch.


You might have good results with one of their own cheese recipes, but for a recipe that calls for rennet, use rennet.

But a decent cheese can be achieved with Junket if you are to believe the authors of the linked article.

I am argumentative because I believe today that elite food discussion discourages our using simple ingredients while promoting expensive if authentic products (on Amazon).

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There’s nothing elite about cheesemaking. It’s a popular hobby.

Rennet is a simple ingredient with a long history. Junket is a factory-made proprietary thing combining rennet with a bunch of things that are not traditionally used to make cheese.

I can buy animal or vegetable rennet at a local cheesemaking supply shop for $8.50 for two ounces, which is enough to set 40 gallons of milk. On Amazon they cost $2-5 more.

I don’t know of a local source for Junket tablets. On Amazon a box of 8 tablets costs $8. Per Junket’s own hard cheese recipe, that’s enough to set 16 gallons of milk.

You don’t need rennet to make ricotta, paneer, cottage cheese, or farmer cheese.

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Your first sentence was my point. Cheese making is just one of many elemental cooking processes our grandparents approached and achieved with minimum resources.

FWIW, junket can be found at most comprehensive supermarkets. I think I bought current package at CakMart. A couple of $$.